Happy weekend! Been running on a bit of a low these days, only when it comes to the aspect of time – energy and joy on the other hand is running perfectly high. It’s the weekend, and this one I have dedicated to sorting my stuff out – which means organizing my space and my different projects… Besides increasing amounts of responsibility at my job (the day job), I have several projects on the creative side running a bit wild. So this weekend I am stopping the stagnation and fixing my office space… Whatever I can do without running out to buy storage units and shelving. Oh and I am going to clean out my wardrobe – need to figure out what to keep and what to give away… Think I am at the point of realization that I use only 10 percent of the things in there…

So, while having a break from the organizational bits at home I am feeding my mind with some visual inspiration. What better way to organize the visual inspiration of the day than sharing it on here?

Hello kitty – I like your physic, unknown source.

For the bride in you, for the photographer of the bride in me (and for the sweet tooth in everyone!) via

Gorgeous details, via

Pale bride, via

Considering doing this with my Ferm basket, via

Pale lioness, via

Shades, unknown source

Insane cuteness is always inspiring, via

Who needs to get married in the summer when they can do it in the winter? via

The perfect Chloé coat – wouldn’t mind this showing up on my doorstep! via

Nature, via

Need flowers, via

Typography/branding, via

I think I finally found it, the perfect wallpaper, via! The wallpaper is by Ellie Cashman, have to figure out how to get a hold of it here in Norway, pure perfection.

The colour, via

One part of me is screaming “PERFECT KITCHEN”, other part of me is whispering “you’re a messy cook, cleaning that wood would be mayhem”… via

Make coffee look good. via

I can’t fault this one, the perfect mix of natural shades of wood, black and white… And that tub! via

I have a craving for these amazing soap stones, one can get them right here.

That’s it for now – heading back to the world of organizing!




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