Hello Sunday! I thought I’d end this week(end) by combining two things I haven’t shared for ages. A quick update of images from my day-to-day life and a collection of tunes I use to sooth my soul these days.

So let’s go, since the last time I added images from my day-to-day life I have:

Enjoyed the snow

Spent time enjoying everything and nothing with these two fluffy ones.

Been back to Oslo, enjoying the city I used to call my home – and visiting the Gift & Interior Show.

Been working from home.

Been devoting more time to my love for fresh juices – go fruits and veggies!

Been making New Years happening at work. 1. realizing that all you can get when you do grocery shopping on NYE is cilantro and cardboard & 2. trying my hand at floral arrangements!

Realized I like pink more than I like to admit – hence the new table matching my wire basket.

Been hanging out on ferries!

Been learning how to drive… Scared shitless!

Carrying this one around…

Then let’s jump over to the music I can’t stop playing these days, I’ll try to keep the list short – so let’s stick to 8 songs for today!

That’s it for now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I know I will!



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