I’m off to work tomorrow, so what better way to start a weekend of running around crazy than by a flow of visual inspiration to keep me happy?

Amazing dark color. I am getting more and more drawn to dark walls, feels so rich. via

Swooning over the artwork, unknown source

I must admit, I do love bricks in a kitchen! via

Great idea for any special event, hanging flowers as decorations… unknown source

Need to try this one out, via

Feeling pretty ready for spring to come around, via

Always impressed when I see people managing to keep an open closet looking this organized and neat, unknown source

I should probably be fascinated by the model in the stairs, but common, look at those marble walls! via

Still in love with this magnetic wallpaper… via

The beauty of citrus fruit, via

Take time to wander, via

This bathroom is beyond wooden amazement! unknown source

Travel inspiration Seattle style! via

Bedroom amazement, via

Double the exposure, double the fun! unknown source

Go Ikea, I like your shelf! via

That’s it for tonight, have a brilliant weekend!



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