Spring is just around the corner, of course that leads to me wanting a great old clean up. Which will be the first clean it all up moment since we got the place… So it’s well over-due.

So this weekend family is stepping through the doors, and we will clean it all out and fix everything up to the standard we want.

I have four main things I want to get sorted; and here is some inspiration for the four.


1. the hallway

We have some way to chunky shelving in the hallway, which leads to more mess than order. I would love to change it with some good storage units and maybe some hooks for the dogs stuff. All I want to do is make my hallway a bit more convenient, easy!

I think I would love this in our hallway, narrow enough for the hallway not to seem over cluttered and at the same time storage enough for all the things I have laying about, via

In love with this space, narrow yet seems spacious… Wish I had that floor, beyond amazing! via

This is also a great storage solution, I am in dire need for more storage options for my home… via

Want the floors, the storage space and most of all the wallpaper, via

2. the bedroom

Second on my list of “need-to-sort” rooms is the bedroom… What needs to be done is the removal of things I have no use for, this is mainly clothes, but also some furniture. The things I want to do with the space is fix some storage (I am in need of a dresser and some solutions to keep my stuff organized – I have a lot of beautiful mess that needs organizing)… Also, I want some new bedding! Nothing beats sleeping in new and fresh bedding.

Absolutely adore the black wall, feel a post on black accent walls coming on 😉 via

The bedding is amazing – and that side table – common! via

The details, via

A pop of pink, via

3. the kitchen

The kitchen is just one big clean-up-job! Need to get rid of everything we do not use and figure out what we need to get, then sort it all out and organize it… Not looking forward to the clean up bit of this job, the organizing on the other hand is more my thing.

Black and white, simple and clean… What I want – not to keen on the floor though… via

Another black and white kitchen, more keen on the floors in this one though! via

The tiles! via

Simplicity is key… via

4. the home office

Then there is the big one, the home office. I have begun this process a couple of months back but still lagging behind, simply because things keep getting in the way. What needs to be done is all organization, and getting some furniture to make that organization a tad bit easier to fix.

Work with a view, via

Oh my, if I had this kind of space I would be over-excited… Would probably spend 90% of my time in the room. via

Absolutely adore everything here, via

Bright and light, just right! via

Now all I have to do is start the planning and then start the packing, oh my the weekend is getting awfully close!



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