It has been a long day, been up since five this morning and running wild. For the need of a simple pick me up before the weekend of fixing this place begins – I need some visual pleasure. So here goes nothing.

Ok, this might just be the most amazing piece of wall brilliance I’ve seen – I need an enormous koala bear on my wall! It’s by Carla Fletcher, now all I need to do is figure out how to get a hold of one… via

I wouldn’t mind spending tomorrow drinking coffee or tea in bed, flipping through magazines just absorbing inspiration, via

These flowers are absolutely gorgeous, gonna try a flower hunt tomorrow, via

Amazing shot of the amazingly beautiful Gemma Ward, add some flowers and you’ve got perfection. via

Think this must be as close to perfect as it gets, you should check out the rest of the images, follow the link! via

Perfectly twisted, via

Muted, via

Common, admit it, you would love having this hanging about in your window sill… via

Monochromatic, unknown source

I have used the term amazeballs on this site, but now let’s use amazewalls! unknown source

Marble and chrome, unknown source

Hello there giraffe, via

Dinner anyone? via

That shade of green, via

The lamp envy, unknown source

What better way to finish this off than trough the utter cuteness and fluff of a bunny? via

Good night! Time to head off to bed and dream of the fluff!




    • designtrolls

      I know, it is perfection! For any space to be honest 😉 I want it on a all white wall in my bedroom, nothing as soothing as a great Koala Bear…

      Found the artist though, but didn’t find a way to get a hold of the greatness 😦


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