It’s time for one more of my inspiration flows… I have little new to report on, still caught in the midst of the cold of the century, think I’ll huddle my bum over to a doctor’s office tomorrow, pretty tired of responding to every question the H hands me with a series of coughs instead of words. I did take the time to go for a riding lesson with my sister one of the days though, it was sunny so I flipped the finger at the cold – and I do not regret it. Big horse does not seem so big any more, and I am slowly moving towards the goal of feeling totally comfortable on a horse again!

 Back to the flow of inspiration, here is a long list of “that” and “those” – enjoy!

That table, via

That lovely brick wall, via

That braid, unknown source

That’s one perfect bedroom, via

That’s what I call a fancy bus, wish every bus had seats like these, via

That breakfast feeling, via

That amazing print, via

That kitchen, love the wall storage idea – absolutely perfect, via

That comfy maxi dress, perfect for spring, via

That black floor, via

That bedroom feel, via

Those white Birkenstocks, via

That frenchie I want so bad, unknown source

That beachy feeling, via

Those pink things in life, via

Those windows, unknown source

That pale blue, via

Those wings, via

That green, via

That floor, via

Those things, all of them, especially that mirror, via

That top, via

That perfect dining room, via

That kitchen display, via

That coat, via

That wallpaper, via

That’s it for now! Have a lovely spring(y) day!



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