Here is a long quick update – since it’s been way too long since I put anything down here. Promise this will be followed by an array of visual inspiration!


1. Project “back on the horse” is on its way 2. Easter sun 3. Stay in bed mornings 4. Cold of the century 5. Color love on the ferry 6. Skudeneshavn cuteness 7. Working behind closed doors and windows 8. Watched an episode of Vikings and got a tad inspired – go sheepskin rug 9. The mascot at the cafe project – go polar!

1. More from the project horse – comfortable enough to snap whilst riding – not bad 2. Old antlers found at a thrift shop 3. I had a merry Casio moment 4. Travelling with the little one 5. Horse happiness 6. Making these Acne Draw come back to life 7. Big dog cuddle 8. Ferry life 9. Family lifequick3

1. Easter decorations 2. Skudeneshavn 3. Wash the pony 4. Easter travel time 5. Light 6. Spring sun arrival 7. Tried black water, realized I have an aversion to black liquid 8. Easter cake time 9. Family life


1. Dogsitting 2. Reading 3. Ferry views 4. Brunching on wood 5. The first-born  6. More ferry views 7. Moving horse 8. Ruler of my/the universe



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