Came across this amazing apartment for sale on Stadshem and it made my home envy bone rattle. There is simply something about the simplicity of this place, keeping as much space as possible free of clutter, yet keeping enough of details around to make it homey and cozy. Grey wooden floors, accompanied by black, white and lovely metallic… This is basically one of my greatest home envy this far – perfectly modern and Scandinavian + a tad of industrial feel – SOLD! Oh and just wait for the most awesome kitchen you’ve seen for ages! This is absolutely going to be a great source of inspiration for our new home – I’m going to hang these images all over the house to get the H inspired as well…

Let’s start with the bedroom. First of all I love the display of greatness above the bed, the choice of mixing black, white and metallic. I am also a big fan of the built-in storage, seems like a great idea for a bedroom – keeping as much as possible of the natural space. The art as well – it’s right up my alley this one!

The livingroom sticks true to the whole feel of the home – bring on the monochromatic life! My favorites here must be the amazing collection of vintage birds on the wall – what a wonderful idea! And of course the String shelve is as gorgeous as always – so getting one for our new home.

This is my favorite spot in this awesome home – the most amazing black kitchen ever! I guess the perfection is brought to its full with those leather handles. I have that high on my to do list when we buy our new home – kitchen re-paint (maybe not in black) and bring on the leather handles!

I love the mixing of tiles in the bathroom – especially craving those black hexagon tiles I spot on the floor. Also the built-in storage is perfect for small spaces – no need to cramp up a place – keep it simple.

Add some raw wood to the mix… Like any good home cocktail!

Do I spot amazing tiles in the hallway – yes I do!

One, two, three – in the inspiration bank it goes!

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