I am not talking about me, cos at the moment I am planking it on my back writing this post, I am talking about my photography website, Marte Stromme Photography.

Today I posted the first blog post, hopefully there will be many more to come in the future. You can check out the first post right here.

There will be more to come on the site, right now I am doing my best to work up a portfolio to kill for. So next week I’ve got 3 shoots lined up, one wedding and two family shoots. Can’t wait!

Since it is me, I need to add some images to this, since I am no fan of lacking visual input… Here is a collection of images by yours truly.


1. The horse 2. Put it in writing 3. The H in the night 4. A piece of Bergen


1. The H in the woods 2. A piece of nature 3. A piece of Aveiro 4. One of the little ones 


1. A piece of London 2. From one of my family shoots 3. Horse and Rider 4. A flower


1. A piece of Porto 2. Wild mushrooms 3. One of the little ones 4. One of my all time favorite shots


1. One happy baby 2. A piece of our home 3. A piece of Lisbon 4. A shot from the family shoot up on the photography blog


1. From the family shoot that is now up on the photography blog 2. Family dinner time 3. Skudeneshavn 4. From one of my family shoots

Hope you take the time to stop by the site!



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