Tomorrow we are heading off to yet another viewing – and this time I have a bit of a suspicion this will give me a “I want to live here” feeling – or at least I hope it will… So in the name of home hunting here is one huge inspiration rant devoted to interiors giving me ideas for our new home.


There is simply something about the color combinations that really gets me going in this one, especially the pale blue walls, via

A lovely dressing area wouldn’t be wrong… Not at all! via

I want that cabinet, stat! via

I’ve always loved this MALM dresser from IKEA, I regret leaving the one I had in Oslo when I moved – it’s been a year and I still miss it. So definitely getting another one or maybe two when we get into a new space, and I feel pretty inspired by this idea of just adding some leather to the mix. via

I am always a sucker for anything built-in – like these built-in shelves – bring it on! via

I adore this shower – not only the piping and the amazing shower head, the contrast color in the built-in shelf is also a big plus. Definitely keeping this for inspiration if we have to redo a bathroom in the near future. via

Absolutely loving the color of this kitchen, a perfect hue don’t you think? via

Another IKEA dresser gone DIY wonderful, via

This bedroom just has that perfect feel of comfort and relaxation to it, both images via

That brick wall! via

I love this deck chair, works perfectly outdoors for long summer days and inside with a cozy blanket for those cold winter nights… Sold! via

This bedding, and those stools at the end of the bed, yes please… via

The perfectly cozy kitchen! I just want a kitchen big enough for my stuff… via

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of those chairs? Crave it! via

A perfectly tiny dining nook – I am prepared to live with no space (city living is spaceless living to me), via

That’s it for tonight…




  1. (▰˘◡˘▰)

    I was trying to pick just a few of your inspirations, but I actually love them ALL. You’ve given me a serious case we-need-to-redecorate-itice hah! The little leather accents on the IKEA dresser is such a smart way to upgrade & personalize the piece, I love it!

    • designtrolls

      Oh how kind of you! Great to know I can be of help in the “get people to feel the redecorate bug” feeling!

      I am so getting some leather the second I get a hold of another one of those amazing dressers… I am going to try my best to be more of a DIY person…


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