News flash! I am finally a home owner, well still have to sign all the papers, but bidding is done and the war is won! We have just bought our first home, the grown up hat can now be put on – and I can say goodbye to my nomadic apartment life. We have ended up with a cute spot only ten minutes outside the city center, and I am loving it… There is some work to be done, mainly optional work (which I can’t say no to), like hunting for the original wooden floors, painting like a wild person and creating my own dream kitchen… But first I am downing a bottle of champagne!

I must admit I was a bit skeptical before the viewing, I guess after tons of city viewings you expect all to be small (especially kitchens and bathrooms). Most of the places we’ve seen the bathroom and kitchen has been so small one would have to turn slowly not to break down the walls. In this though, the space is way bigger than what we are used to, two floors, separate kitchen, separate dining room, a space for a great home office – endless possibilities when it comes to putting in great storage solutions! Can’t wait till the moment we have key in hand and can start the fixing! And I do love the way the space made us both feel, we both stood there thinking the exact same thing; we could make this our home.

So, of course, as the interior/home freak I am I have already started pulling some inspiration images for every room in the house… I want to be prepared for what is to come on the fixing side of things, since most of our new home needs to be fixed this summer… The H is going to dabble in the arts of black magic for the next two years, black magic here being the combining of a full-time job and a full-time masters course… He is the handy architect guy in this relationship and most of this needs to be done to the point of “The M can do the rest alone”, before the black magic begins.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is actually surprisingly large, so in this one I’ll go wild. Right now it is a pretty old kitchen, so it is on the top of the fix list… I want it to be modern and light, with a tad of industrial bits and some great tiles, can’t wait to start on this.

I love me a simple white kitchen, this def. goes in the kitchen inspiration bank, via

A combination of white and wood is never wrong, morning in the kitchen feel? Yes thank you, via

Those tiles, via

Modern and simplistic, via

Open shelves are a big must for us, via

Another tile love of mine & I wouldn’t mind that pendant either, via

The Hyllis shelf is on the “to-get-list” for the kitchen… Two of these will suffice! via

The Hallway

The hallway is ok in size, but needs some nifty ideas for storage… That’s about it – and I dream of a tiled hallway…

These tiles are top of my list, hallway here we come, via/via

I am actually quite a big fan of these shelves from the IKEA PS Collection, just need to figure out if I could make it work in the space, via

Great bench, great floors, via

I want a bench in the hallway, this one is pretty perfect, via

The Diningroom 

The diningroom is still a weird term to me, since it is not something I am accustomed to in my apartment life. What we want to do is fill one wall with shelves – and then just organize it perfectly… What I have found hard is finding a perfect table though… Why is table hunting so hard?

This table wouldn’t be wrong, via

I love this diningroom set, via

We also have a big wall in the dining room where I would love some shelves, I think we are going for these but I wouldn’t mind these though, via

The Livingroom

The livingroom is quite spacious, in one end there is some stairs leading down to the lower floor, there’s a wood burner and there is a door leading out to a spacious balcony (spacious compared to the one we have right now). One of my main things for the livingroom is removing the flooring the previous owner has put down, and hopefully find some lovely original wooden floors to work with. This goes for the entire apartment, the original wooden floors are just visible in the bedroom right now, these need to be brought back to life.

Loving the shelving, where do I get that? via

What I like in this room, besides the sofa, is the storage unit they’ve created – always on the look out for great storage solutions! unknown source

The chair, the wool and that color in the hallway, via

Loving the wall mounted cabinets in the back there – and the logs under it… Need something like that in our new abode, via

I’ll leave it at that! More inspiration – and progress posts will come! No more hunting, now it is all about nesting!





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