I am still in a bit of “homeowner bliss” – tomorrow we are heading to the realtor to sign all the papers – then in July we will be moving in and starting the work… I can’t wait… I had a bit of a celebratory weekend, so this Sunday has been used to relaxation, lunching with friends and puppy cuddle, of course a lot of the day has been used hunting for inspiration. I  thought I’d share some of my Sunday favorites with you.


1. These amazing fish tacos seems like the perfect summer meal, def. gonna try to make these happen, via

2. In love with the diningroom belonging to Rumi Neelyvia

3. Also loving Lyle’s in Shoreditch as a new home inspiration source, via

4. Absolutely adore these tiles, here used in Cipro Pizza in Sydney, I wouldn’t mind them in my new hallway – perfect for the floors! via

5. Summer inspired by this gorgeous image, via

6. Always inspired by Maddie, via

7. Got floored by this gorgeous ombre wedding dress, via

8. Craving some marble jewelry, via

9. Having a crush on this cabin, go recycled windows, via




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