In just a weeks time we get the keys to our new home, and just tree days after that I have to travel back to work… So right now we are sitting in different countries trying to tie things together before the grabbing of keys… We have decided to stay in the apartment we are in right now till we’ve managed to put some paint on the walls, at least in the bedroom… So what we are trying to tie together is what colors to bring into our home. As most of you may have noticed, I do like my monochromatic base – and I am of course sticking to that for most of this – but I do have a love for a bit of shading here and there, maybe even some color as well. This far we’ve decided to keep our base on shades of grey (cold, no beige). We also want to pull some blue into it – but how to do it? Who knows, we’ve found some deep and dark blue hues we like, good thing is that neither of us is so-called bright colors on the wall fans. I can always toss some brightness into the mix, but in more changeable options – like a pillow or a side table (I do actually own a couple of pink and even some neon yellow items)… I have three main rooms I want to step aside from the grey base (this grey base does also contain white) – that’s the bedroom (one wall), dining room (one wall) and kitchen (either wall or the old kitchen in there)… We are not changing the kitchen straight away, saving up for that one, but the old kitchen does come with its own charm, only need to paint some fugly tiles…

I’ve gathered some inspiration these last couple of days, trying to draw a bit on the white, grey and blue tones… Still, I feel a bit lost! It’s been so long since I last set foot in that place – so I might step over the threshold of the home and go “This won’t work”… I have always had issues picking between two options, so how will I do with hundreds of colors to pick from? The H cracks up these days, over and over I go like this “We can do blue, but not too blue, we can go grey but not the beige grey, and not too grey!” What a pleasure I must be to share this process with! Inspiration time!

Bedroom greatness, love the copper pipe lamps on the grey wall, via


I enjoy the sense of depth a touch of grey brings with it, I want subtle, so bring it on subtle grey! via

Love this light grey, via


Great bedroom grey, via

A touch of blue grey, via

Kitchen blues, via

This is one of my all time bedroom favorites thanks to the great combo of white, grey, natural wood and leather, yes thank you! via

A great darker tone of grey, via

A combo of white, grey and wood (not to miss the metals), via

Loving the grey accent wall, still craving those glass doors though, via


Love the touch of blue in that wallpaper, and who wouldn’t want windows like that? via

A pinch of grey, via

Also having a bit of a crush on this greyish mint kitchen, via

I would love a color like this one on a wall in the dining room (maybe a tad bit deeper and darker), the wall will have a couple of white metal shelves on it (thinking of going with these), which could do with some great color to build it up behind it, via

Well, that’s it for now, going to go through this room by room later… Share my ideas (so far) – and maybe hunt for some sound advice!



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