So here we go, the room-by-room inspiration check is on its way. I’ll start with the room we’ll start fixing first, the bedroom. We have decided to fix the bedroom first, simply so we have a room to sleep in as we do the rest of the house…

I want the bedroom to be the perfect place to go to rest at night, and somewhere were you don’t mind spending an entire Sunday… We are still contemplating if we want to mix up colors on the wall, or just go for one unison color. We have considered having a different color on the wall behind the bed, I like the idea of having a different color or texture on the one wall… Besides that I want a lot of lovely textures; wood, linen and metals… Anyone got any tips on fixing a bedroom please bring it on!?

First of all I love the colors in this room, and then the texture of the wall, via

The row of images and those pillows, bring it on, via

That border of hooks, pretty awesome, via

The bedding, via

The geometry, via

I am craving some linen bedding, via

Go grey, via

Neutral love, via

Adore the bedding, via

I want that Tokyo print, via

unknown source

Bright and light – perfect, via

Great bedroom grey! via

Love the grey wall, via

Black and white, via

Great tones, via

Love the photo wallpaper, maybe this would be a nice idea for the bedroom, via

Another great wall color, via



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