This week has been spent trying to cram in as much birthday celebration as possible for the H, so little time has been spent at home… At the same time as we’ve been having too much fun we’ve realized we’ve put apartment fixing on the shelf for quite some time… And now it’s time to get back on it, we want to be at least 85 percent finished by Christmas, so that when the new year starts the only thing we have left is minor details in the guest room and the fixing of our future work space outside our apartment.

Love the storage system they’ve got here, what I am missing the most these days is enough storage around the house, via

Another great storage solution, utilizing the entire wall. Our hallway still has a lot of work needed – especially in the storage department, keeping this as inspiration, via

Craving the ceiling lamp! Need some great lamps around the house. via

Dining inspiration, via

On the to get list is laundry bags from House Doctor, no doubt about it, via

Hexagon cutting boards, plants I could keep alive and marble, what’s not to like? via

Different shades of grey, my go to color! via

That color, via

Kitchen inspiration for when that comes along as a project, quite happy that’s not high priority… via

I want two of these for our bedroom, one for me and one for the H, via

In love with these butterfly chairs, don’t know where I’d fit them in – but I would make it work… via

Another one just for color inspiration, unknown source

Another great bedside lamp option, unknown source

That hexagon mirror, where do I get a hold of that? via

Love the tiles, via

If I can’t find any bedside tables I like, maybe I’ll opt for this DIY, via

That’s it for today, now we’ll relax with some old school disaster films! Hurrah hurrah!



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