I am still adjusting to life as a temporary homemaker…

This wreath is pretty damn amazing, since we are celebrating Christmas in Berlin this year I won’t be filling the home with too much Christmas decor… But this one, I wouldn’t mind this around… Wouldn’t know where to fit it in though… unknown source

This winter salad via – looks absolutely gorgeous… Putting it on the “to-make-list”!

This awakens the homemaker in me, I am always on the look-out for better storage solutions for our kitchen… Easy DIY, even for me… via

What an amazing wedding dress, which would work in any color for any event… Want it! via

I love this idea for keeping holiday cards around, I want to create one like this, just to hang any images, cards and keepsakes on it… Especially after the little one arrives, it is probably going to be one of the most well documented peas ever. via

I really want to try making marshmallows, this recipe looks pretty great, via

The ultimate winter look, via

Bedroom wall inspiration, via

The perfect fireplace, via

Amazing kitchen inspiration, especially loving how the built-in fridge… We already have a built-in fridge, but it could do with a fixer upper, so it ends up looking like this, via

Just because it looks delicious, via

One thing I want more of is fresh flowers around the house! No doubt about it! Since we moved out of the city center there has been to little of this, not as accessible as before… But since I am living out the homemaker life these days, I’ll make the effort and stop by the flower shop when in city… Love the combo of fresh flowers and fruit, via

More to come soon,



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