HELLO 2015 {FAREWELL 2014}


I’ll start this all off with a collection of some of my favorites from the year that has passed. 2014 seems like the year I unknowingly grew up, not mentally, but more in the physical sense. First of all we ended up buying our first home, then I started focusing more on my photography {moving slowly towards the idea of starting my own business} and then suddenly the idea of sharing our existence with the baby bean came into play… Now, over to the year ahead of us!

We are well into the first week of the new year, and so far so good… The H is back at work and I’m back at the helm of making the baby bean happy… I have decided that making resolutions for the new year is of the table, they are always over the top and ends up being forgotten in the day-to-day life anyways. So this year I am going about it a bit differently; I’ve decided on just giving my self a couple of things to keep some focus on throughout the following year…

So this year I’ll devote some time to these 4 points of interest…

1. Make Life Organized

I have always been a fan of organizing things, I love writing lists, making systems etc. I’ve just not had it in me to always follow through… After the baby bean came into the picture though, this wish to organize life has gone from a medium priority to a high priority, this might also have something to do with the fact that I’m not allowed to work whilst being pregnant… I do feel like I have more than enough energy, so why not devote the energy to something of use?

I’m already a big fan of workflowy, and I will continue using this for all of my bigger projects… I’ve also decided to create lists for what to do, this also has something to do with my so-called pregnancy brain, I am forgetting everything these days. For example, I’ve created a weekly cleaning plan, so suddenly there are no more heavy cleaning days, I do a little bit every day and our home seems more or less generally clean which makes my mind less cluttered as well… Definitely gonna do my best to keep this up!

2. Welcome Motherhood

I’ve decided to take a step back and just enjoy the fact that I am entering the motherhood phase this year. Since I haven’t been allowed to work I’ve spent a lot of time feeling restless and a bit moody, simply because I’ve felt a bit useless without having work to go to. So my main goal is to just lean back and enjoy the last trimester and welcome motherhood with open arms. Especially the nesting bit of it, so if I manage to combine the nesting bit with the organized bit I may just have a recipe for success!

3. Homemaking

This is all about focusing on finishing off what we’ve started, and then maybe starting a couple of new things around here. This far we’ve gotten to the point where the H has used his architect skills and drawn up our space, and I’ve decided on a few solutions I want to happen asap. So now it is all about getting everything from paper to reality! Knowing that documenting life is also on my focus point list, I can promise you some visual updates as we get along!

4. Documenting Life 

I am great at documenting other people, I love documenting other people. My documenting of our life is 97% phone photography, easy and quick. High on my focus list is definitely getting better at documenting our own life. Not only am I gonna get better at documenting our life, but I am going to get better at printing it as well. Some time back I got some photo books printed through Artifact Uprising, and I still love flipping through them. I can’t wait to get some lovely photo books filled with the baby bean, gonna make for great gifts for the grandparents as well!

Do you have any big plans for the new year?



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