Here we go, another Sunday Sharing moment… It’s been a couple of weeks since my last share, so hoping today’s list of greatness works its magic. I’ve had quite some time to gather visual inspiration, so enjoy!



1. This dining area, via 2. Aesop products and some greenery, via 3. The workspace, via 4. Simplistic kitchen with a touch of marble, via 5. The chair, via 6. Amazing details, via 7. Five great catch-all chairs, via 8. White kitchen, via 9. A comfy bed, via



1. It’s all about the cozy sweater, via 2. The best bobs of all time, via 3. The dream dress, via 4. The metallic coat, via     5. A great combination, via 6. Black and white, via 7. That dress, via 8. Simple beauty, via 9. The little black dress, via



1. Fish, via 2. Spaghetti and artichokes, via 3. Cod ceviche, via 4. Pistachio rose cake, via 5. Edible gifts in a jar, via     6. Oh my crepes, via 7. Homemade seasoning mixes, via 8. Yummy noodles, via 9. Looks like brunch to me, via



1. An amazing Big Sur elopement, via 2. An amazing two piece wedding dress, via 3. This crazy charming wedding, via 4. The cutest flower girl, via 5. This Big Sur bachelorette party, via 6. The wedding gown at this New York wedding, via 7. Great shot, via 8. This venue is beyond amazing, via 9. Gorgeous Swedish wedding, via

Baby Bean 


1. Ferm Living greatness, via 2. Gonna create a lot of photo books for the bean, via 3. These bottoms are just a bit too amazing, via 4. Feel a DIY coming on, via 5. Great bedding, via 6. Lovely kids room, via 7. Music corner, via 8. Nursery art, via 9. Utter cuteness, via



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