Hello Sunday, we meet again!

This week has been a long one, I’ve once again been down with a heavy cold – so most of my time has been spent under covers trying to avoid light sources. I am happy to say that my luck has turned, and I am now finally up and running again. So this week I’ve done most my living during the weekend! I’ll add a post with some images from our weekend later, maybe even tonight if I get the time.

We are moving closer and closer to the end of the pregnancy, and we are doing our best to prep, nesting the organized way… Right now I have finished a full-on wardrobe list, just to know what we have and what we are still in need of. The washing of the wardrobe has begun, special detergent and all… The next list will contain every other piece of item we have around, like towels, wash cloths, blankets, bibs etc. Keeping stock! {I would be a mess without Workflowy to be honest}We are also working on a to-do-calendar for the home, so that when the baby bean arrives we will have as much as possible of the graft at home done.

Over to the visual input share of the week; here are some of my favorites from the week that passed, enjoy!



1. The black door, via 2. Kitchen love, via 3. Dreaming of a bouquet like this, via 4. The perfect piece, via 5. Fill the walls, via 6. Most amazing butterfly chair ever, via 7. Mini bathroom, via 8. Bedroom inspiration, via 9. Details, via



1. The white dress, via 2. Can’t go wrong with black and white, via 3. Lanvin pre-fall, via 4. More black and white greatness, via 5. Acne, via 6. Go blue, via 7. The perfect white tee, via 8. Shirt, via 9. The bag, via



1. Zucchini pasta, via 2. Easy peasy pesto, via 3. Falafel time, via 4. Lime and gin ice pops, via 5. Breakfast love, fried egg on toast, via 6. Buckwheat bowl, via 7. Nutella cheesecake, via 8. Need to make this, salt baked beetroot with mozzarella and lemon salsa, via 9. Roasted tomato and kale pasta, via



1. Ondriana + Tysen, amazing names, amazing photos, via 2. Perfect location for wedding photos, via 3. Backyard wedding, via 4. That gown, via 5. This will forever be my number 1 wedding inspiration, a glamping wedding, via 6. Mirror it, via 7. The perfect table, source unknown 8. Don’t say no to great big balloons, via 9. Valentines inspired wedding inspiration, via

Baby Bean 


1. In love with this lookbook, via 2. Bring on them stripes, via 3. Need this galaxy play blanket, via 4. Craving this bedding set, via 5. Baby bean turns baby bear, via 6. A perfect play area, via 7. I want this to be his best friend, via 8. Cute bunny garland, maybe I’m feeling a DIY coming on, via 9. The perfect book, via

Have a great Sunday everyone! I’m off to get my food on…



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