Today I am mixing it up a bit, so my Sunday Share has turned into a Friday Share. This is mainly because we are getting visitors this weekend, so I won’t be able to sit down with the laptop… This weekend will be devoted to endless wandering around the city and minor fix-ups around the house.

We’ve finally gotten most of the main baby items sorted, so now changing station is almost ready to go {just need to sort out storage and all the minor items like diapers, creams and other necessities}, we’ve gotten our stroller {it’s this one, only with better wheels} and our diaper backpack {got this little treat, which the bean can use as a backpack when he gets big enough to carry it himself}, the babybjörn bouncer is here {looking like this} and he has a place to sleep and a place to take a bath… We’re quite relieved, most of the main stuff is all sorted now – so we can focus on the smaller things, and the more exciting things – like toys, books, bibs etc. I will share it all when it is all sorted!

Here is my Sunday on a Friday Share, hope you enjoy!



1. The ultimate bathroom, wish this was ours, via 2. Want this piece of MENU greatness for my home ASAP, via 3. Amazing minimalist kitchen, unknown source 4. My kinda plant, cacti love, via 5. A pop of yellow, via 6. Urban decay, via 7. Amazing tiles, via 8. Bedroom simplicity, via 9. Kitchen details, via



1. The wrap skirt, via 2. All white, via 3. Basic tee meets maxi skirt, hoping that will be my look for baby mama spring, via 4. All black, via 5. Inspiration from & Other Stories, via 6. More ‘all black’, and that bag! via 7. Those sneakers, via 8. That neckline, via 9. Street-style made easy, via



1. Sweet potato gnocchi, via 2. Vanilla chia pudding, via 3. Spiced sugar buns, via 4. Cold cure, via 5. No-bake cake, via 6. Ceviche, via 7. Meringues, via 8. Chili Palomas, via 9. Cake greatness, via



1. Saja wedding dresses, via 2. London pub wedding, via 3. Bucolic bride, via 4. Beyond perfect wedding look, via 5. Amazing LA wedding, best venue I’ve seen in ages, via 6. The top knot, via 7. Lovely shot, via 8. NYC loft wedding, via 9. Spring garden editorial, via

Baby Bean


1. Amazing plush, via 2. Wood high chair, via 3. This photo, via 4. Starry bedroom skies, via 5. Homemade baby food, via 6. Baby outfit, via 7. Story time, via 8. Bring on the bear, via 9. Sheep blanket, I’d go for a grey one, via


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