It has been quite a post-less week for me… Tomorrow we are just one month away from calling ourselves parents, so the H went to London to see his family and friends and I headed home to see mine. The H came home with some amazing stuff for the baby bean, pretty jealous, I would love roaming baby stores in Islington as well! He came home with loads of fashion for the bean, toys and lots more. So now I’ll put on my organizing cloak and start putting everything in its place.

I’ve got a plan of making weekly “to-do-lists” so I am sure I’ve got some sort of clear idea of what to do and when to do it… I am suffering from extreme pregnancy brain, I forget everything these days, so lists are my best friends…

Over to the visual input, here are some of my favorite items from the week that has passed, enjoy!



1. Add some green to your home, via 2. Amazing “hidden” office space on display, via 3. Elegant dining room with some black in it, via 4. Cable love, via 5. Well curated shelves, via 6. Minimalist white bathroom, yes please, via 7. Love this hallway, via 8. Hello bedroom, via 9. Living space, via



1. Amazing instagram for minimalist style, via 2. Sandal porn, via 3. Amazing coat, unfortunately sold out so waiting is the game to play, via 4. Spring layering, via 5. How to dress at every age, via 6. Outfit envy, via 7. Madewell spring catalog, via 8. Midi skirts and leather jackets for the win, via 9. Paris street style, via



1. We love a great fish taco, gonna try out this salmon taco soon, via 2. Chilli cherry mango smoothies, need to test it, not just for the amazing color, via 3. Pasta with ham and leek, via 4. Amazing foodie instagram, via 5. What a beautiful mess on a plate, via 6. Give me these roasted baby beets, via 7. I really want to learn how to bake, so I could whip up something like this, via 8. How tasty does this look? via 9. Coconut flour porridge with matcha milk, crazy colors going on, via



1. Lisa + Jon, via 2. Cute Portland wedding, via 3. Bohemian engagement session, via 4. Portrait wedding invitation suite, via 5. Put a bow on it, via 6. Great portrait, via 7. Italian wedding, via 8. Simplistic invitation, via 9. Cute nerdy wedding, via

Baby Bean


1. Milk soft musical toy, need it, via 2. Adorable kids room, via 3. Ikea baby gym hack, via 4. Baby shower greatness, via 5. I want one of these for the baby bean, then one for me, via 6. 1st birthday, via 7. My cat, my love, via 8. Giant London coloring poster, via 9. Baby space inspiration galore, via

Have a great Sunday, and an even greater week to come!



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