We have finally found some sort of routine around here, so today I am finally adding a post to this site! The Baby Bean is three weeks tomorrow, and motherhood has taken me by surprise. I feel like you can read 50 books, prepare every inch of your being and your space – still nothing can really prepare you for life with a newborn. The thing that has surprised me the most, besides all the tiny baby kinks {like what to do when you don’t produce enough milk, how many diapers a baby can go through in a short amount of time… and so on}, is how content I feel… I am living in a constant lack of sleep, I haven’t seen the outside of our home for more than an hour at a time, I am lacking my regular routines and the concept of long showers is long gone – still, I am happier than I’ve ever been before…

Here goes nothing, a Sunday Sharing post – from me to you… I’m hoping it won’t take me three more weeks to add another post, but we’ll see, Baby Bean Hiatus Mode is still going strong over here…



1. Office corner, via 2. DIY bedside lamp, via 3. Remodeling 101: Marble Countertops, via 4. Bathroom greatness, via 5. Kitchen nook inspiration, via 6. Bedroom colors, via 7. Brilliant shoe storage, via 8. Living space, via 9. Constantly looking for that perfect cabinet, via 



1. Love this combination, via 2. Hi-Lo dress, via 3. Perfect simplicity, via 4. The back of that dress, via 5. Shoe crave, via 6. Nail trend – negative space, via 7. Geometric lines, via 8. Love the outfit, crave the shoes, via 9. Hair, via 



1. Simple breakfast sandwich, via 2. Taco time, via 3. Crab spaghetti, via 4. Salt baked sea bass, via 5. Bagle bread loaf, via 6. Leek and shrimp stir fry, via 7. Grapefruit and mint mojitos, via 8. New York brunch places, via 9. Tasty looking snack, via



1. Modern boho backyard set up for dining, perfect for a relaxed wedding, via 2. English manor house wedding, via 3. San Francisco + Napa wedding weekend, via 4. Vegas pop up elopement, via 5. This gown, via 6. Wedding dog, via 7. Great for a backyard wedding, via 8. Dining set-up for an intimate wedding, via 9. Bohemian wedding hair, via 

Baby Bean


1. Want all of this for the Bean, via 2. Forest dinner set, via 3. Baby knits, via 4. Ovo High Chair by Micuna, via 5. Mana’o Nani travel buddy, via 6. Outfit, via 7. Blink onsie, via 8. Rattle balls, via 9. Donna Wilson cushion, via 




  1. Emma Kamerling

    Congrats on the baby! I’ve missed your posts, happy to see that you’ve managed to write something. All though I think everybody can understand that you have some other things on your mind right now. We just have to wait a bit longer for your gorgeous inspiration :).

    I love the marble kitchen counter by the way!

    • designtrolls

      Thank you for the kind comment Emma! I am loving my new role in the world of Baby Bean, and things seem to be falling into place over here… I will do my best to keep posts coming, in a slow and nice pace 😉 I am in love with marble kitchen counters, we are giving our old kitchen a facelift asap and it is def. high on my crave list – yet it seems pretty hard to get a hold of some good marble where I live 😦 +M+

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