As I have mentioned before, I am dreaming of a separate space for the Baby Bean to call his own… Right now he has a corner of his own in our bedroom, and I thought I’d share some images from this space. To be honest, even if we had a separate room for him at the moment, we would still have him with us in our bedroom. I am not ready for nightly sleep separation just yet… But I would love to have a room to fix up for him for the time when we are ready for that separation.

Here are some images from our bedroom/his nursery corner…


1. A Bloomingville wooden pendant lamp 2. We’ve used some wooden crates as tiny wall shelves for small toys and books 3. A DIY wooden beads and tassel something, simply for decor and entertainment for the Bean 4. A framed bear we picked up for next to nothing at Søstrene Grene


1. We’ve put up some wall stickers over his crib 2. His hedgehog bedding from Living and one of his many blankets  3. Some wooden bunnies from Søstrene Grene and my personal favorite; a wooden rattle made by my uncle 4. One of our personal favorites from his space is this pillow from Ferm Living we got as a baby gift from a friend of ours


1. A DIY garland with wooden beads and tassels 2. At the moment the Bean is sleeping on a lovely uncut sheepskin rug, it is his number one place to rest 3. A lovely crib toy the H picked up at Igloo Kids in Islington 4. Bedside lamps in copper.

So there you have it, a few pieces from the Beans corner…




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