Spring is here, and for some reason my mind drifts off dreaming of travel… I am a wanderer at heart, or restless if you want, and I can’t wait till the Bean is old enough for travel {or till we are comfortable enough with the idea of bringing him with us on a plane}! We have not killed off the idea of a great American journey, it is still living, we’ve just decided that we will put it on hold till the Bean is a bit older and we’ve travel trained him a bit in Europe. One of my need to go to destinations in the US is Palm Springs… Why? To me the idea of spending some nights in a desert is first of all a bit exciting, you won’t find a desert to camp out in here in Norway, then on top of that you have the architecture, the colors, the shopping {mid-century madness}, the endless photo ops… I could probably go on for hours on why I find the idea of Palm Springs attractive, but I will as I always do turn to visual aid… No words needed, Palm Springs on a silver platter, enjoy!

{click the images for source}

Anyone out there got some great city tips for us to put on our “got to see it list”? Always on the lookout for new additions to the list…



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