We hit the two month mark with the Baby Bean yesterday, and I am finally starting to figure out what is for me and what is not. So new lists of items I really want to get my hands on, like todays’ baby want; The Solly Baby Wrap.

We have the Ergobaby carrier with the infant insert, and I love it. But for me it’s more of an outdoor carrier, when I wear it inside I feel like the Bean gets a bit hot and bothered, even if he loves being all snuggled in there. So I am looking for a great extra on the baby wearing side, and The Solly seems absolutely perfect. The Bean is as addicted to me as I am to him, which makes it a bit hard to leave him alone when I have things to do around the house. For a while now I’ve been looking at the Solly Wrap, because I want something lightweight, simple and not as space consuming as the Ergobaby to carry the Bean in. So the Solly seems like the perfect thing to wrap on and carry the Bean with me as I clean the house, take the dog for a short walk, pop by the shop for groceries – the list goes on… And then I can keep him close to me, and still have my arms free. Unfortunately I haven’t come across anyone here in Norway that sells the Solly, so I’ll just have to get it from the US, I guess when you’re waiting for something great it’s all worth it, or something like that!

As I wait for my Solly to arrive, here is some visual inspiration to get me by! And you should definitely check out the Solly Baby Blog for some amazing visual input.

{Click the images for source}

Anyone got any experience with the Solly Baby Wrap?




  1. Jentendesigns

    Love it! It’s amazing how long it’s taken USA to utilize the baby body when when Korea and parts of Africa have been using this technique for centuries! My Korean grandmother would carry me around in a long silk damask wrap. Very posh grandma!

    • designtrolls

      I know! It seems like the perfect way to keep the little one close and comfortable, whilst still being able to move around and get stuff done. I can’t wait for mine to arrive, it will simplify my day-to-day life a whole lot! +M+

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