Here goes, another weekly round-up from me to you! This week has been spent going on rainy strolls with the Bean, finally getting comfortable with getting out of the house with the stroller {stairs are not my friends these days}, hanging out with other Beans, adding a baby gym to our living room {fun for everyone, especially the Bean and the dog} and we’ve started on the kitchen. The kitchen is our big home project these days, revamping the old kitchen that was here when we moved in… Right now we’ve ripped of doors of all the cabinets, changed all our appliances, opened up some extra space and a bit more, I’ll try to add some images as we go along – and there will be images when we’re done fixing it up!

Oh and I ordered the Solly Wrap, it’s on its way! Finally I’ll be able to carry the Bean around with me! Can’t wait to try it out!

And now, here is this weeks gathering, enjoy!



1. House Doctor Everyday 2015, via  2. Outdoor dream, via 3. The Normann Copenhagen Pocket, via 4. The tower house,  via 5. White modern, via 6. Kitchens with artwork, via 7. Office inspiration, via 8. Boho home tour, via 9. Amazing home tour, via



1. Eytys platform sneakers all the way, via 2. Lovely dresses, via 3. Rings, via 4. Summer prints, via 5. Chloe, via 6. Style love, Margaret Zhang, via 7. Summer inspiration, via 8. Matching sets, via 9. Vests all the way, via



1. Citrus + Ricotta, via 2. No-churn ice cream, ready for summer, via 3. Paprika parsnip fries, via 4. At the breakfast table, via 5. Cucumber lime slush, via 6. Roast carrot soup, via 7. Chocolate mousse, via 8. The bomb, via 9. Peas and beans, via



1. Palm Springs wedding inspiration, via 2. That dress! Australian elopement, via 3. Bohemian dessert shoot, via 4. Stylish Brooklyn wedding, via 5. Absolutely amazing DIY wedding, via 6. Nicolette Mason got married, and oh did it look amazing, via 7. Indie Northern Spain wedding, via 8. DIY leaf backdrop, via 9. Enchanting woodland wedding, via 

Baby Bean 


1. Feel like the Bean would look amazing in this, via 2. On feeding babies, via 3. Lovely baby shower invites, via 4. Summer snack ideas for kids, via 5. Lovely designs by Anny Who, via 6. Great nursery, via 7. Hoping to come across Chi Khi here in Norway as well, via 8. Cutest band-aids, via 9. Cloud slip-on sneakers, via



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