Hello Sunday! Finally gonna share one of my beloved Sunday Sharing posts with you. This weekend has mostly been spent working on the kitchen and cuddling the Baby Bean. We’ve gotten the black paint for the wall, the counter top and the sink are in place, we’ve sanded all of the cabinet doors… We’re slowly moving forward. We’ve also managed to spend some time in the city this weekend, which was a lovely break from thinking kitchen, kitchen and some more kitchen. The Baby Bean thoroughly enjoyed the city, especially looking at all the people passing by, listening to all the chatter… All in all, a great weekend.

Over to the visual input, here is a collection of some of my resent favorites from my inspiration hunts. Enjoy!



1. The second house, via 2. A new build London flat with an old charm, via 3. Swedish summer house, via 4. Great collection of favorites, via 5. Tine K Home SS15, via 6. Gorgeous design hotel, via 7. Kitchen nook makeover, via 8. Amazing Italian home, via 9. Compact living, via



1. On the street after Dolce Gabbana Milan, via 2. 16 fresh ways to wear a denim skirt, via 3. Outfit inspiration, via 4. Co Resort, via 5. I need that skirt, perfect for summer, via 6. Rag and Bone Resort, via 7. How to look cooler, via 8. Sneaker bliss, via 9. Black on black, via



1. Slow-cooked beef ragu pasta, via 2. Skillet brownies, via 3. Lemon grass aubergine curry, via 4. Roasted squash and bitter greens salad, via 5. Lunch time, via 6. Green smoothie bowl, via 7. Apricot curd lemon basil meringues, via 8. Popsicle via 9. Raw lemon cake, via 



1. Fpeverafter bridal collection, via 2. Pom veil, via 3. Kate Spade meets Key West wedding inspo, via 4. Intimate fall Colorado wedding, via 5. Gorgeous wedding shot, via 6. North Carolina farm wedding, via 7. The money shots for 2015 weddings, via 8. Truvelle, via 9. Peach and gold wedding ideas, via 

Baby Bean 


1. Such a lovely space filled with great details, via 2. Otis flat on belly, via 3. Great play area, via 4. How to get housework done with a newborn baby, via 5. Need this cool cat look for the Bean, via 6. Neutral grey nursery, via 7. In love with this one, via 8. Future Bean bedroom inspiration, via 9. Garden romper, via



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