Me and the Bean are spending some days at my parents place, mainly to get the Bean away from all the dust, mess and pieces of tile that make up the majority of our household these days. The kitchen revamp is pretty much on track these days, which means that it is really affecting our day-to-day life. So when my dad came for a “let me have a look at that Bean” visit, we jumped at the opportunity and joined him on his return. The H is staying home, working his buns of trying to get as much as possible sorted before we’re returning this weekend. If we are lucky we might just have our new kitchen up and running as a fully functional finished product by next week.

This week we’re getting a guy to do all our cutting and fixing of the wooden counter tops for us, there will also be a plumber coming by to take care of the pipes {a bit afraid he will tell us to change all the piping in our apartment, it looks rather half-way-dead to me} and we are deciding on what to do about the tiles, if the H is going to do it on his own or if we’re gonna hire someone to come in and do it for us. As we took down the old tiles and the wallpaper on the wall that will be fully tiled we realized that there is a lot of odd areas, which will mean a lot of wet saw time and precision. Gonna have some people come in to give us some estimated costs, if it is not too steep then the luxury of having someone just come in and whoop it all together may just end up being to tempting. So far we’ve not acquired anybody to help us out with the revamp of the apartment, but after the arrival of the Bean it suddenly seems more appealing.

Whilst the H is at the revamp helm, I’m spending my days in my hometown strolling about, catching up with some family and friends, basically just enjoying my time. Feeling rather spoiled right now, full-time motherhood greatness! Spent the majority of yesterday in my aunts cafe drowning in coffee and pomegranate lemonade, wandering around in circles enjoying a bit of sea air, shopping for “decorative” items to put in the kitchen once it’s done… And of course I’ve had some time to do some inspiration hunt, and right now I’m enjoying flat lays, maybe a tad too much. To say it like this, when it comes to inspiration, not much can beat a great flat lay. I really need to hone in on some flat lay skills! Inspiration flow!

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