It’s been ages since I posted anything here, so I thought the best way to kick it all off again would be a Sunday Share, just, this time around it’ll be a Thursday Sharing instead. I am hoping to keep my post game going strong from now on, it’s just that life seems to move in high-speed these days. The Bean is growing like some creature from the blue lagoon, and I am doing my best just to keep up with him.

Still trying to figure out how all of these super moms out there make it all hang together, between pristine looking homes, homemade baby food, amazing baking projects and looking travel ready at any time… I am the first one to admit I am running out of time for everything. I do a celebratory dance every time I get to take a shower, or the fact that I have now accepted that some days it will take me 4 hours to vacuum our 69 square meter home, simply because the little one does not want to spend a single minute alone. But still, in the midst of all the chaos I am seeing some patterns developing, a routine is making its way into our life. It took about 5 months, but it is happening!

Despite all the baby mama things going on, I have decided to give myself at least some time every week to focus on this space. Mostly to keep me sane. So I am excited to share a collection of inspiration I’ve gathered lately, hope you enjoy!



1. Scandi inspiration, via 2. One sofa, three ways, via 3. Hanging planters, via 4. Brunner Studio crush, via 5. Swedish home in a former shop, via 6. Lovely breakfast nook inspiration, via 7. Colorful dining, via 8. Home crush, via 9. DIY eucalyptus wall hanging, via



1. Great black and white combo, via 2. That skirt, via 3. Grey matter, via 4. Skirt crush, via 5. That coat, via 6. Street style from Australian fashion week, via 7. Autumn coat inspiration, this is what my wardrobe needs, via 8. This outfit, via 9. The leather skirt, via



1. Easy summer gazpacho, via 2. Creamy garlic and herb mushroom pasta, via 3. Tomato salad with deep-fried mozzarella, via 4. The hippie bowl, via 5. Almost looks too good, via 6. Black bean tacos with kiwi salsa, via 7. Roasted cauliflower, olive and garlic pasta, via 8. Fruity roasted tomato risotto, via 9. Mellow melon salad, via



1. Red lip bridal style, via 2. Get your timing right for your wedding day schedule, via 3. Style-infused Fig House wedding, via 4. Modern Mexican soiree, via 5. Modern Brooklyn wedding, via 6. Paris bridal inspiration, via 7. Industrial summer inspiration, via 8. California ranch wedding, via 9. Day of wedding beauty routine, via 

Baby Bean 


1. Little safari, via 2. Beyond cute, via 3. Pregnancy style with Harper Poe, via 4. Blanket, via 5. Baby booties for autumn, via 6. Sitting on rabbits and bears, via 7. Funny bunny, via 8. Ice cream swaddle blanket by Modern Burlap, via 9. Bunny blanket, via


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