We are already talking about our next home since we need to move to a bigger place at some point, the Bean needs his own space… Sharing a bedroom with the little one is working right now, I feel comfortable knowing he is just a hands reach away and I have a tendency to check him at least three times before I can sleep, but at some point he will be in need of his own room… Since time seems to fly right by when you have a child it feels right to start planning home number two early.

One thing I have already decided on is that I want a plywood headboard, right now we can’t have a headboard, our bed is right below our window… But in the future, this is happening! Whilst hunting for the perfect plywood headboard I’ve come across an amazing array of plywood inspiration, a little bit of plywood inspiration for every room in the house has made its way to my heart. So I thought I’d share some plywood favorites with you guys, enjoy!



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