We are leaving for the holidays on Sunday, time has passed so quickly this December. We are so busy with the Bean, we don’t even notice the days passing by. Suddenly Christmas is less than a week away! We’ve got our tree, most of the gifts are wrapped up and bagged for travel. We are feeling ready for the Beans first Christmas, bring it on!

Since we are going to my parents house for the holidays I got one of my gifts early, and to my great surprise it was the Louis Ghost chair… Now I just have to figure out where to put it to use! I know that in our future home it will be a part of my work space, but at the moment, my work space is a combination of the dining room table, the couch and the floor. Maybe, if I’m lucky I can manage to squeeze in a tiny work space in our living room, without making the whole space seem cramped? I’ll do my best… Till then, here is some visual inspiration to make me figure out where the new greatness will go for now.

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