It’s the last Sunday before Christmas! We’ve made our way to my parents house and we’re ready to spend a week away filled with great food, a lot of firsts for the Bean and hopefully a bit of rest. I’ve packed my photography gear, hoping to capture some good firsts for the little one, like going to pick out his first Christmas tree…

Here are some favorites I’ve saved the last couple of weeks, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



1. All the ways to decorate with eucalyptus, via 2. Those chairs, via 3. Concrete shelves, via 4. In love with this kitchen dining nook, via 5. Bedroom wall inspiration, via 6. Yes to this DIY wall hanging, via 7. I want a bathroom cabinet like this, also I want a bathroom big enough to house it, via 8. DIY pillow mist, have got to make this, via 9. Bedding goals, via 



1. Oversized grey sweater, via 2. Marni shoe crave, via 3. The long coat, via 4. I’ll take both outfits please, via 5. Perfectly white, via 6. Red dress for New Years Eve, via 7. Or maybe some gold? via 8. Dries Van Noten shoe crave, via 9. The white dress, via



1. Salmon quinoa bowl, via 2. Cauliflower salad, via 3. Avocado toast with kale tapenade topping, via 4. Bruleed grapefruit, via 5. Orange and pistachio shortbread, via 6. Figs all the way, via 7. Garlic soup with poached egg, via 8. Warm green breakfast bowl, via 9. Carrot ginger soup, via



1. Cool indie wedding inspiration, via 2. This shot, via 3. A red wedding dress, via 4. Intimate Portland warehouse wedding, via 5. This amazing portrait, via 6. Table greatness, via 7. Here to eternity, via 8. The dress, via 9. Modern Brooklyn wedding, via

Baby Bean


1. Zara coat crave, via 2. Future costume for the Bean, via 3. Booties for days, via 4. Nursery inspiration, unknown source 5. Turnip & Doe, via 6. Toy inspiration, via 7. Swan scarf for the little one, unknown source 8. Even more playtime inspiration, via 9. How cute is this? And how perfect is that suit for the winter? Where can I get it! via



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