At the moment I am in the midst of preparing for New Years Eve, we’re having some friends over for a relaxed dinner. Even if it is a relaxed dinner I have a million things to get ready for the night. It’s the first time we’re doing anything big in the dinner department in this apartment, so I’ve got prep lists everywhere (I am a bit of a listoholic). Luckily we’ve ended up with some great kitchen gear this Christmas, so I can’t wait to break in some new pots and pans tomorrow. Also, I can’t wait to have a slow New Years Eve with the little one. It was such a joy being part of his first Christmas, so his first New Years Eve will be a party!

I have a crush on eucalyptus these days, I’ve bought a couple of bundles of it for tomorrow night. Planning to create some sort of table runner like decorations. As I was looking around for some inspiration I came across too many good images to leave it alone. I wish I had enough to fill some of my vases, especially one for the kitchen. I guess one of the first things to do in 2016 is going to be throwing some eucalyptus in vases! Just have a look at these great images… Enjoy!

{click images for source}



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