On the home front our current project at hand is creating The Bean a space of his own, and on the top of my to get list right now is the Ivar cabinet from Ikea. I want to use this as a combined toy/clothes storage for the little one. I have been in love with these cabinets for quite some time, but have never found a good space to add them to in our apartment. Since The Bean needs to have a crossover space, it needs to work as a bedroom space for him at night and a sort of extension of the living room in the day time. Basically as a play space for the small ones now that we are having two little critters that needs floor space for exploring. To be honest, I am also in dire need for storage for all of his toys! Just need them to have a place of their own, preferably behind closed doors. Seems like me and Ivar will have a great relationship!

I love the cabinet in its natural state, the lovely wood will work perfectly in just about every space, with any color. At the same time, I am pretty impressed by the creativity some people have put into their own cabinets. Creating murals, adding graphic patterns and bright colors. Maybe if I go off the deep end, we will be sporting something out of the ordinary here as well – most likely not. Simplicity is my friend! Enjoy some inspiration I have found along the way, as I go back to hunting for more ideas for the new baby space.

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