I am late with my gift getting, as usual! To be honest, I am late with everything holiday related. I have boiled it down to this pregnancy being a bit harder than my first one. I am currently getting treatment for a pelvic region living its own life, it is all over the place. On top of that, the lack of sleep, all I do is twist and turn. So at the end of the day I am left with next to no energy, all is spent getting my pregnancy affairs together when the little one is in day care. When he comes home, all my time is devoted to him from the moment I pick him up till he falls asleep. The few hours I have left in a day is then spent planning the next couple of days, cleaning up the days mess and trying to find a comfortable position to rest in. Not much time left for holiday hunting! But, everything is getting closer, so I need to get my stuff together ASAP. So this weekend I am doing this years Christmas card, and next week is devoted to getting and wrapping all of the gifts before we leave for the holidays on Friday.

Getting gifts for everyone is one of my favorite things about Christmas, that and the wrapping of the gifts. Right now I am looking for some good wrapping ideas. Here is a collection of some great minimalistic wrapping ideas I´ve come across hauling through the isles of Pinterest. I especially love the use of fresh greens in the wrapping, it´s all about the details!

(click images for source)



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