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This is another one of the trends reaching the surface these days – Baroque. . . Baroque is all about exaggeration, drama and exuberance – so it might not be the easiest trend to bring into your wardrobe or your home. I don’t see my self as a person who tend to end up on the dramatic side – but I must admit I wouldn’t mind something that is a bit out of this world. Baroque is to me something I see as a bit beyond me, I don’t know how I would fit it into my space – at the same time it fascinates me. My dreams are still haunted by Alexander McQueen Peacock dress from his 2008 RTW collection, if I ever find that dress I will grab it and run. So I guess that means I have baroque tendencies.

Here is some baroque inspiration for home and body (of course kicked off by the peacock dress)

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Today I am finally getting in that “summer” mood. I have finished my final exams, grades are back, I can consider myself an educated human being – mostly I am frolicking in the idea of no more student life – that meaning my finances will finally reach a good place once more. . . I am having my first proper summer holiday in 7 years – even if it is only for 2 weeks it feels amazing – so next week I am heading to Italy! The sun is giving of some heat in my cold home country, and I have bought a bikini – and even a cover-up. So summer is truly here. . . And in this mood I am getting drawn to colors, I am usually more of a “give me some black, some white and fill in the blanks with some shades of gray” kind of person. But right this moment I am craving some yellow!

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I’ll just let the images speak for themselves – ps. I want you all!:

Fishhotel by Umbra

Minimii has made this 1:16 version of Arne Jacobsens villa from 1929 – a reason to get kids, or just keep it for yourself.

Bird feeder version of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavillion

Metropolis Porcelain lamp from Inma Bermudez

Lego Architecture – for the big kids out there…

London in a bag from Muji



We love cities! H is a born and raised Londoner, M on the other hand is born and raised on a remote island in Norway – but does feel more at home in London than anywhere else. We love city nights and we love city morning. The feeling of never being alone but always having the ability to be invisible. The feeling of being home, but there is always somewhere new to explore, the exploration of your hometown is neverending. This is a collection of images, representing both cities we’ve lived in, loved, left behind but will always remember fondly, and the cities we have yet to see.














…and here is Bergen…

our home in only 9 days

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This is the Minihouse I – the minimum impact house. Talk about smart city living. If the theme ever raises to the surface during conversation you can name drop the minihouse I from the brilliant Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects. It is built in the thought of expanding the the living space in a city without increasing the density of the city. This house is built on a site of only 29sqm but is built as a 150sqm family home. So in what would seem to be quite a confined space they have managed to create a spacious family home situated in the middle of Frankfurt. Impressed as we are we wouldn’t mind calling this our “city castle”. Have a look and see if you are as amazed as we are:

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