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We are already talking about our next home since we need to move to a bigger place at some point, the Bean needs his own space… Sharing a bedroom with the little one is working right now, I feel comfortable knowing he is just a hands reach away and I have a tendency to check him at least three times before I can sleep, but at some point he will be in need of his own room… Since time seems to fly right by when you have a child it feels right to start planning home number two early.

One thing I have already decided on is that I want a plywood headboard, right now we can’t have a headboard, our bed is right below our window… But in the future, this is happening! Whilst hunting for the perfect plywood headboard I’ve come across an amazing array of plywood inspiration, a little bit of plywood inspiration for every room in the house has made its way to my heart. So I thought I’d share some plywood favorites with you guys, enjoy!



Recently I came across this little apartment gem. First of all, this home is out-of-bounds to us, seeing we are a trio, plus a dog. But there is a lot of inspiration to take from this one, especially the reclaimed factory windows as a room divider. Common! That’s one of my never-ending home craves!  Besides the ultimate interior crave, this home does have some other brilliant features… Like, how about that accent wall with different strokes of paint? I love it! And the vivid use of art throughout the space. The loft guest bed is a wonderful addition as well, great use of space in a smaller apartment.

If this was on Airbnb, and not up for sale, I would book it just so I could experience living in this home. You know those spaces you come across which makes you want to build your whole trip around it. This is definitely one of those homes!

Enjoy some visual inspiration…

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If there is one thing I can’t seem to get enough of it is a great shelf situation. Personally I am dreaming of a living room sizeable enough to fit an entire wall of shelving… For everything I hold dear, and of course, an amazing collection of books. I grew up in a home with a bookshelf in every room, so for some reason this is one of the things I really want to give to the Baby Bean as well, access to stories, knowledge and everything in between.

Here are some spaces with what I would call a serious shelf game going on… Enjoy!

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My fascination for these images is partly about the shoes and partly about the floors, to be honest, it’s more like 30% shoe fascination and 70% floor fascination. Some girls crave shoes, some crave floors, I crave them both. So of course getting the two mashed together perfectly will make me one happy lady.

I have one thing planned for our next home already, and that is Moroccan inspired tiles in the hallway. That’s about it, besides a bedroom for the little one.

I am planning a more consistent flow of posts in the future, but right now I am doing my best to make ends meet in the time department. Trying as hard as possible to get the Bean to nap between his feeds. Mainly to lower his level of daytime moodiness, but also to free up some time for me fixing the house and getting some posts up now and then.

For now, enjoy these lovely floors!

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Came across this amazing Swedish home up for grabs at Fantastic Frank!

This is what the H would call a death house, I know it sounds a bit dire, but what he refers to is a home you could see yourself living a whole life span in. It’s the kind of home you move into, raise your children in, grow a veggie garden whilst growing old, invite your grandchildren to visit then smile as your looking at your garden filled with flowers before you die happily or get shipped off to some old people home… You get the drift! You only come across a death house once in a blue moon, through our 5 years together we’ve only seen two on the market {in areas suitable for our living}, unfortunately for us this is in Sweden, and at the same time I can imagine it being a bit outside our price range.

So here you have it, the ultimate death house, in all its 100 years of glory! Enjoy

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The kitchen revamp is on… Last time I updated on this I told you I was lost on the whole counter top issue, but now we’ve finally decided. We’re going for wooden counter tops, or butcher block if you may. We ended up going with wood, mainly because we want to bring in a natural element to balance out the black and white theme going on. So now I’ve got huge wooden plates ready to go, at the moment they are taking up parts of our living room, can’t wait to see how it all turns out… I can see all the different elements of this kitchen separately, but when I am trying to put them all together in my mind I end up blank – so I’ll just have to wait and see… Too bad I’m one of the more impatient people I know! And this thing is not moving forward fast, baby takes up most of my time and work takes up most of H time.

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We’ve finally started working on our kitchen revamp… In the midst of baby time, taking on this kitchen revamp seems like the best and the worst idea we’ve had. I am not the most patient person, especially not when it comes to living without kitchen cabinets and decisions being made here and there. Also, after the Bean arrived I freak out when things get too messy, and right now we are living in a constant state of too messy…

We’ve taken down all the cabinet doors, we’ve started sanding everything that needs sanding, we’re getting tiles this weekend, the list goes on… There is a lot of juggling between baby and revamping ahead of us. To top it all of we have not yet decided on a counter top, a part of me wants to splurge on marble – let’s just say this is not the sensible part of me – the other part has already said no 54 times and has won the argument… My not so sensible part is still allowed to dream right?

I thought I’d share what we’ve decided on so far… Or at lest a few pieces the puzzle that is our kitchen revamp… And of course I will add some visual inspiration on each of them, since that’s the way I roll!

Butcher/Subway Tiles 

This was one of those no-brainer decisions, which is a blessing in our household. So it was more or less our starting point. You see, I am one of those people who can ponder a decision for hours, days, even weeks – going back and forth between choices, classic indecisiveness syndrome. It is one of my less charming traits, especially when we want to move forward with this revamp.

Light Grey Cabinets

We ended up buying our paint on impulse, great success… We have a love for grey kitchens, so when we came across a light grey paint with a slight undertone of minty green we just went for it. It is a new color so we can’t find any reference pictures for it anywhere (I love checking out photos of spaces using colors before deciding, just to get a sense of how it works in real life), so we are pretty excited to see the outcome… Crossing my fingers I’ll be happy at the end of it.

Our paint seems a bit lighter than any of these, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

A Black Wall

This may even end up as a chalkboard painted wall, I’m still a bit on the fence about this… But I do know that I want some sort of dark wall in the kitchen, to break up the lightness a bit… We’ve been discussing the chalkboard wall, it could be a fun addition to the space, especially for the Bean growing up… His own “graffiti” wall in the house.

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I’ll do my best to take some shots now and then when we go through the processes!