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The Bean is in need of his own space now, so we have decided to create a room for him asap! Our living/dining space used to contain a bedroom, this is before we bought the place, and now we want to reverse the old owners vision back to the original form. This will leave the Bean with a bedroom big enough for him and all his possessions. He will end up with quite a spacious room, and I have started working on the details (we´re talking colors, wallpaper, decor), whilst the H is working on the structural bit of it.

I want the room to have a black and white backdrop, with pops of color and maybe a great wallpaper to break it up, so of course I have been spending some time inspiration hunting. Here are some favorites I´ve gathered, enjoy!


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All I have to do right now is waiting for a wall to arrive… I´ll share some images as soon as we start working on his little dome of greatness.



I have been rolling around the used furniture market, looking for some pieces to add to our collection… On my way around I came across the amazing Oti chair by Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea – this amazing Bertoiaesque thing from the eighties got me smitten. So as my natural instinct is to dive into the deep end, I started hunting for other Ikea treasures from the past… And I did not get disappointed! So now I have a ton of Ikea on my vintage hunt list, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Järpen Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Moment Sofa by Niels Gammelgaard

Oti Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Amiral Chair by Karin Moberg

Eke Chair by Gillis Ljunggren

That’s it for now, so, what’s your favorite?

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I came across this amazing Swedish apartment on one of my inspiration hunts, and I simply have to share it! This space has everything I want for our new home. A lovely color pallet, a lot of natural light, exposed brick, a charming kitchen, amazing wooden floors and lovely details from one end to the other. The list goes on and on and on.

I need to figure out how to create a color like the one in the living room, it is the perfect light gray! I am also crushing on the small walk-in wardrobe with the harlequin flooring in black and white. Just have a look at these images, there’s no way you won’t find something you love. . .

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I am always on the look out for some nice gift wrapping ideas, even though I am not always great at following through on those ideas. I still have a few small gifts to wrap up before the big day tomorrow, so here is a last minute wrap inspiration rant. Good to keep around for future birthdays and other events where handing off a gift is happening.

Happy Christmas!

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Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!



We are leaving for the holidays on Sunday, time has passed so quickly this December. We are so busy with the Bean, we don’t even notice the days passing by. Suddenly Christmas is less than a week away! We’ve got our tree, most of the gifts are wrapped up and bagged for travel. We are feeling ready for the Beans first Christmas, bring it on!

Since we are going to my parents house for the holidays I got one of my gifts early, and to my great surprise it was the Louis Ghost chair… Now I just have to figure out where to put it to use! I know that in our future home it will be a part of my work space, but at the moment, my work space is a combination of the dining room table, the couch and the floor. Maybe, if I’m lucky I can manage to squeeze in a tiny work space in our living room, without making the whole space seem cramped? I’ll do my best… Till then, here is some visual inspiration to make me figure out where the new greatness will go for now.

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December is here, and for the first time I am feeling the true urge to throw some holiday decorations around the place. I am blaming the Bean for this urge, it’s his first Christmas and I feel like I want to fill it with some sort of holiday greatness. We’ve also decided to host a small New Years dinner, which is another first for me and the H, so suddenly the holidays has This far all I’ve managed to bring into our home is a tree, throw some decorations on it and call it quits… This is what that project ended up looking like:

The Bean was pleased with the result and celebrated by throwing the decorations around the living room. Still I feel like I am in need of some holiday inspiration, so I turned to my favorite source of inspiration, the visual kind.



It’s been a couple of busy weeks around here! The fixing of the kitchen is coming to an end, the Bean has had his naming event and we are finally starting to settle… Just in time for the Christmas stress to sneak up on us, this year I feel like I need to put some effort into making this home feel like Christmas belongs here since the Bean is scooting around…

Even though the kitchen is finally falling into place, I am still on the look-out for home inspiration for the next project on the list. Last night at around 22:00 we decided to mix everything up, so now our living room has been swapped with out dining room, and it feels 10 times as comfy! So now we have a huge open space with a dining table, loads of space for the little one to scoot around and a smaller cozier tv nook… Next on the list is creating a good work space downstairs, with storage for stuff like towels, sheets, bedding etc. Bring it on!

Since I feel like I am living in some sort of never ending home making project, I am always on the look-out for some good home inspiration. This week I came across this lovely home up for grabs over at Alvhem. It is everyhting I would want my home to be, light, bright and charming. I’m especially loving the kitchen, what’s there not to love really? The mix between old and new, and those deep blue details… I’m sold!

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