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I have had the longest hiatus! A lot of things have been going on over here, and I have simply not found the energy nor time to sit down and focus. I am finally feeling like things are starting to get back to a sort of normal… So I’ve decided to pick it up again, with a slow start – by sharing some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately… Good food, London, snuggles with the pup, playtime with the Bean and everything in between!



The kitchen revamp is on… Last time I updated on this I told you I was lost on the whole counter top issue, but now we’ve finally decided. We’re going for wooden counter tops, or butcher block if you may. We ended up going with wood, mainly because we want to bring in a natural element to balance out the black and white theme going on. So now I’ve got huge wooden plates ready to go, at the moment they are taking up parts of our living room, can’t wait to see how it all turns out… I can see all the different elements of this kitchen separately, but when I am trying to put them all together in my mind I end up blank – so I’ll just have to wait and see… Too bad I’m one of the more impatient people I know! And this thing is not moving forward fast, baby takes up most of my time and work takes up most of H time.

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We’ve finally started working on our kitchen revamp… In the midst of baby time, taking on this kitchen revamp seems like the best and the worst idea we’ve had. I am not the most patient person, especially not when it comes to living without kitchen cabinets and decisions being made here and there. Also, after the Bean arrived I freak out when things get too messy, and right now we are living in a constant state of too messy…

We’ve taken down all the cabinet doors, we’ve started sanding everything that needs sanding, we’re getting tiles this weekend, the list goes on… There is a lot of juggling between baby and revamping ahead of us. To top it all of we have not yet decided on a counter top, a part of me wants to splurge on marble – let’s just say this is not the sensible part of me – the other part has already said no 54 times and has won the argument… My not so sensible part is still allowed to dream right?

I thought I’d share what we’ve decided on so far… Or at lest a few pieces the puzzle that is our kitchen revamp… And of course I will add some visual inspiration on each of them, since that’s the way I roll!

Butcher/Subway Tiles 

This was one of those no-brainer decisions, which is a blessing in our household. So it was more or less our starting point. You see, I am one of those people who can ponder a decision for hours, days, even weeks – going back and forth between choices, classic indecisiveness syndrome. It is one of my less charming traits, especially when we want to move forward with this revamp.

Light Grey Cabinets

We ended up buying our paint on impulse, great success… We have a love for grey kitchens, so when we came across a light grey paint with a slight undertone of minty green we just went for it. It is a new color so we can’t find any reference pictures for it anywhere (I love checking out photos of spaces using colors before deciding, just to get a sense of how it works in real life), so we are pretty excited to see the outcome… Crossing my fingers I’ll be happy at the end of it.

Our paint seems a bit lighter than any of these, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

A Black Wall

This may even end up as a chalkboard painted wall, I’m still a bit on the fence about this… But I do know that I want some sort of dark wall in the kitchen, to break up the lightness a bit… We’ve been discussing the chalkboard wall, it could be a fun addition to the space, especially for the Bean growing up… His own “graffiti” wall in the house.

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I’ll do my best to take some shots now and then when we go through the processes!



As I have mentioned before, I am dreaming of a separate space for the Baby Bean to call his own… Right now he has a corner of his own in our bedroom, and I thought I’d share some images from this space. To be honest, even if we had a separate room for him at the moment, we would still have him with us in our bedroom. I am not ready for nightly sleep separation just yet… But I would love to have a room to fix up for him for the time when we are ready for that separation.

Here are some images from our bedroom/his nursery corner…


1. A Bloomingville wooden pendant lamp 2. We’ve used some wooden crates as tiny wall shelves for small toys and books 3. A DIY wooden beads and tassel something, simply for decor and entertainment for the Bean 4. A framed bear we picked up for next to nothing at Søstrene Grene


1. We’ve put up some wall stickers over his crib 2. His hedgehog bedding from Living and one of his many blankets  3. Some wooden bunnies from Søstrene Grene and my personal favorite; a wooden rattle made by my uncle 4. One of our personal favorites from his space is this pillow from Ferm Living we got as a baby gift from a friend of ours


1. A DIY garland with wooden beads and tassels 2. At the moment the Bean is sleeping on a lovely uncut sheepskin rug, it is his number one place to rest 3. A lovely crib toy the H picked up at Igloo Kids in Islington 4. Bedside lamps in copper.

So there you have it, a few pieces from the Beans corner…



I am back, just reaching the surface for a quick breather before bed… I have the best of intentions these days, but all is hanging loose – new home, new business, old home, work… Who would have known fixing everything is a pain? The good part in it all is that we are finally seeing some sort of progress, I’ve spent 3 days at work, and not being able to be in the new apartment working my ass off has been grueling. I am heading back to work on thursday, this time for a four-day shift… And I am fearing this trip will be even worse, cos we have gotten to the fun part now – the painting! Or to be honest, the painting of the bedroom – we still have the livingroom and the diningroom to paint, then there are the floors in the entire upper floor of the place…

Then there is the endless list of things we need, to make it livable – we have been living two nomadic lives – moving from place to place for a lot of years, and this whole settle down thing is making us realize our main possessions (besides my photo equipment, his architecture books and our creature of fluff) is down to clothes, books and some candle sticks… Oh not to forget the things we like to hang on our walls…

Besides that we do not have a lot of physical value to bring with us to a new home. This does make the moving process quite simple, but the grocery list a whole lot longer and more pricey. So we have decided that our goal is to have a fully equipped home by new years – and by fully equipped we mean a place to sit at night, a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to work. And we haven’t even spent a moment contemplating how much work we have to put in downstairs, we know what to do with the space we have to work with – we have a hallway for storage, a guest bedroom and a separate space outside the apartment that will be our joint office space…

Here are some images of what has been going down since the last time I posted, I do hope I’ll get a chance to surface long enough to splurge on an inspiration post soon – I need it right now! To get the creative juices flowing whilst all I want to do is lie down in fetus position and do the shrimp dance!

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A part of me is going to miss these windows, a part of me is going to enjoy not having hotel guests looking into my bedroom…

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We’ve had a lot of this weather when we’ve been moving cardboard boxes, then it turns into sun and heat wave when we need to stay inside working…

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There has been a lot of back and forth, so with it follows a lot of city in movement imagery…

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Bedroom floors washed and ready for a coat of paint! This is what is going down tomorrow…

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Neighborhood report – damn it’s quiet here!

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The moment I realized me and plastic are not good friends, more like mortal enemies…

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The door is turning white soon…

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Hello grey bedroom!

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We had to buy a vacuum cleaner – I have never felt this much love for a vacuum cleaner before – work dust be gone!

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We be living in dust and boxes…

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Trying to unpack the bits of kitchen we own…

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The reason I love the new vacuum, this dust is now gone!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Minimalist kitchen!

We bought a lovely bed on saturday, it will be arriving at key sometime next week… Then we will move in finally – with the fluff and all – the fluff here being our dog. Can’t wait, I am quite tired of the whole back and forth thing… I’m off to my nirvana now, shower and sleep!



News flash! I am finally a home owner, well still have to sign all the papers, but bidding is done and the war is won! We have just bought our first home, the grown up hat can now be put on – and I can say goodbye to my nomadic apartment life. We have ended up with a cute spot only ten minutes outside the city center, and I am loving it… There is some work to be done, mainly optional work (which I can’t say no to), like hunting for the original wooden floors, painting like a wild person and creating my own dream kitchen… But first I am downing a bottle of champagne!

I must admit I was a bit skeptical before the viewing, I guess after tons of city viewings you expect all to be small (especially kitchens and bathrooms). Most of the places we’ve seen the bathroom and kitchen has been so small one would have to turn slowly not to break down the walls. In this though, the space is way bigger than what we are used to, two floors, separate kitchen, separate dining room, a space for a great home office – endless possibilities when it comes to putting in great storage solutions! Can’t wait till the moment we have key in hand and can start the fixing! And I do love the way the space made us both feel, we both stood there thinking the exact same thing; we could make this our home.

So, of course, as the interior/home freak I am I have already started pulling some inspiration images for every room in the house… I want to be prepared for what is to come on the fixing side of things, since most of our new home needs to be fixed this summer… The H is going to dabble in the arts of black magic for the next two years, black magic here being the combining of a full-time job and a full-time masters course… He is the handy architect guy in this relationship and most of this needs to be done to the point of “The M can do the rest alone”, before the black magic begins.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is actually surprisingly large, so in this one I’ll go wild. Right now it is a pretty old kitchen, so it is on the top of the fix list… I want it to be modern and light, with a tad of industrial bits and some great tiles, can’t wait to start on this.

I love me a simple white kitchen, this def. goes in the kitchen inspiration bank, via

A combination of white and wood is never wrong, morning in the kitchen feel? Yes thank you, via

Those tiles, via

Modern and simplistic, via

Open shelves are a big must for us, via

Another tile love of mine & I wouldn’t mind that pendant either, via

The Hyllis shelf is on the “to-get-list” for the kitchen… Two of these will suffice! via

The Hallway

The hallway is ok in size, but needs some nifty ideas for storage… That’s about it – and I dream of a tiled hallway…

These tiles are top of my list, hallway here we come, via/via

I am actually quite a big fan of these shelves from the IKEA PS Collection, just need to figure out if I could make it work in the space, via

Great bench, great floors, via

I want a bench in the hallway, this one is pretty perfect, via

The Diningroom 

The diningroom is still a weird term to me, since it is not something I am accustomed to in my apartment life. What we want to do is fill one wall with shelves – and then just organize it perfectly… What I have found hard is finding a perfect table though… Why is table hunting so hard?

This table wouldn’t be wrong, via

I love this diningroom set, via

We also have a big wall in the dining room where I would love some shelves, I think we are going for these but I wouldn’t mind these though, via

The Livingroom

The livingroom is quite spacious, in one end there is some stairs leading down to the lower floor, there’s a wood burner and there is a door leading out to a spacious balcony (spacious compared to the one we have right now). One of my main things for the livingroom is removing the flooring the previous owner has put down, and hopefully find some lovely original wooden floors to work with. This goes for the entire apartment, the original wooden floors are just visible in the bedroom right now, these need to be brought back to life.

Loving the shelving, where do I get that? via

What I like in this room, besides the sofa, is the storage unit they’ve created – always on the look out for great storage solutions! unknown source

The chair, the wool and that color in the hallway, via

Loving the wall mounted cabinets in the back there – and the logs under it… Need something like that in our new abode, via

I’ll leave it at that! More inspiration – and progress posts will come! No more hunting, now it is all about nesting!




I have been filling my home with fresh flowers these days, so I thought I’d share some snaps from my home with you today…

home home2

So here you have it – some of my favorite things – mostly in the shape of flowers… But also my vintage bar, my Molton Brown soap collection (lined up so everyone can choose a favorite when they need to wash their hands, some fresh berries, one of my favorite prints (who can say no to a well tattooed man?) and the energy drink I am hooked on these days (and I never get hooked on energy drinks) and of course some of my more golden things like one of my many skulls around the house…

Btw – can’t stop listening to this right here – Ben Howard – The Fear


On the top of my at-home-wish-list is a great work space… Preferably one that would fit all of my stuff and all of the stuff belonging to the H. I would love a two connected desks kind of office solution – where I would have my space and he would have his space. If I manage to make this a reality I am quickly going to get myself some great desk organizers or desk tidies if you like. I am a big fan of organizing my space – but at the same time I am a bit of a messy person. So to have some easy on the desk organizing possibilities would be perfect. Here are some personal favorites.

Pinned Image

I adore these porcelain desk tidies by Hector Serrano for Seletti.

I also have a huge crush on these big pencil sharpener desk tidies from Not On The High Street.

Pinned Image

These great office accessories are from THINKK Studio – why not keep your pencils or paper clips in a lovely tiny truck?

Pinned Image

If I end up in a very feminine mood on the day I decide to get my lovely desk tidy – I might just end up with this cup one from Black + Blum.

These lovely desktop tidies are from KarolineFelixDream. Just realizing my parents have a tiny ton of wood lying around – maybe a DIY tingle is coming on?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

This is another favorite of mine – the Shuffle Desk Tidy by RALLI DesignYou can get them in both white and black right here! This can also work as a general organizer all over the house – for beauty items, jewelry, everything in your hallway lacking a special spot… I could use 2 in my bedroom, 1 for my bathroom, 1 for my desk and 1 for my kitchen – should I feel a sensation of excess or a sensation of organizational skills?

Pinned Image

Another personal favorite right here… The Skyline Desk Organizer by ThreadsenceSimply perfection if you ask me – crossing my fingers right now – hoping they ship to Norway!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I’ll end it all with these lovely desk organizing items in copper by the amazing Ferm Living.

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I have been drooling over these for too long – and today I finally got a reason to start collecting them (found one under the christmas tree) – I am talking about the mugtails from Kinto. The H was kind enough to indulge my need for mugtail – and set of my collecting spirit. He got me the lovely fawn mug – so now I’ve pinpointed a couple more I “need” to get.  They will look perfect next to our new Nespresso machine – oh what a good night!

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Pinned Image

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Pinned Image

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It has been a couple of slow motion days over here. . . Time has been spent mostly enjoying the sun, relaxing and browsing. Here are some images to give a run through of what we’ve been up to. . .

Large amounts of iced coffee. . . So tasty – so refreshing – probably turning into an addiction!

Even greater amounts of tea – especially Yogi licorice tea – oh how tasty!

Simple and easy-going food. . .

M playing with nails – messy as always.

Adding more flowers to the apartment – because it is sunny – and with sunny comes the need for color.

Handing the dog some love

And finally – hunting for inspiration