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Since it has been a vile since I have shared one of my total inspiration rants with you – today feels perfect – I need to throw some visual input around! And this time it is followed by a mini playlist of the songs I cannot stop listening to these days – I am having one of those months where I cannot stop looking for new bands, new songs to make me dance, to make my cry, to make me lose track of everything going on around me.

The Visual Input

I love the cuteness of these flats! via

I absolutely love the absolute cuteness brought by this beagle! via

I love the idea of what just a fraction of this would do to my home! via

I am falling in love with this cuff & timepiece combo! via

I love how much I love this potted wall! via

I love this image – and just realized I might end up on team body paint now… If it is done like this that is! via

In love with this image… Why? Because this is the kind of image that makes me want to up and leave, travel, run away – even though I do not know where this is – I know I’d love to figure out! via

I love a good seagull photo – but then again – who doesn’t? via

I love how organized some people are – and I also love those kicks! via

I absolutely love how over the top this gown is yet it looks so easy to wear, light as a feather… Oh hello illusionist dress – I want to wrap myself in you! unknown source

I love how this makes me think “welcome to heaven” and also “can I sleep there?” via

I love everything about this; hello, the colour of the hair is perfection and then there is the top knot of a lifetime happening there… I am amazed! via

I love how this actually makes me want to treat myself – need to get this! via

I love pink perfection – and you know it! via

I love how this makes me want to shine a little bit more in my day-to-day life! via

I love how beyond awesome this wedding collection is – want it! via

I love how this makes me want to become a baking woman – and a woman who goes raw! via

The Musical Input

Have a brilliant night and a shamazing tomorrow!


Since it’s the start of a new week – why not kick it off with a ton of random inspiration?! Oh and there is a new travel post coming up – on the beautiful Aveiro. . . Just working on the finishing touches.

Now back to the unorganised love of visual inspiration! Because we all deserve it on a long Tuesday… I am heading back to work tomorrow, and I won’t be surfacing till friday – so I have some ready-made greatness lined up – just hoping I’ll get the chance to post one or two of them!

Today – I think I’ll try to keep some sort of focus to it all – but not too narrow – so let’s go for the theme of “interior”. . . Which means I’ll have to find use of those amazing images of gowns and other greatness at some other time – goodie!

I am in love with everything here, the texture of the fabric, the little pop of cord down in the corner and that lamp fixture – need it! unknown source

This is absolute perfection! Simplicity at its most crowded… via

Hello there amazing loaf pan! You want a place to stay? You can come live with me for free, if I get to use you once in a vile! via

I see two things I am craving right now in this image – you might have guessed it – the Moroccan wedding blanket and the pineapple… If someone would get me those two then I’d be pretty pleased – not the worst person in the world to keep happy… via

Add this amazing surfboard to the list of things that would make me crazy happy right now… Do not know where I would put this – does not mean I don’t want it though! via

Hello rustic – want the skull – would look great on my wall… via

Makes me want breakfast in bed – asap! I don’t care if it is 9 in the evening! via

Remember – always share your home with some fresh flowers!  via

This amazingly cool summer-house kinda reminds me of a cool doll house… via

Hello haptic chair! via

Still very much in love with that amazing skull by Acne Kids… But then again, who isn’t? via

Oh what a lovely home to enter! via

That’s it for my top-of-the-morning pinterest rant! It is not even 8 in the morning over here… Oh I feel like a drowsy early bird special!



It is time for another one of my pinterest rants – I am leaving for a two-day wedding galore tomorrow. So there wont be a lot of post time this weekend.

Starting it off with the important things – SMILE! via

Oh hello scandi home! via

What an inspiring and ever-changing wall! via

Oh hello there Drew! unknown source

Relax! via

I’d love one of these lovely skull planters! via

In love with this amazing mirror! Want it! via

Good Morning store in London – a need to visit when I go to the city this month! via

Who wouldn’t love being on the beach with some wind tossing their ears about? via

Oh hello Paris! via

Just because of its utter awesomeness! via

Iced coffee crave growing! via

Oh hello gorgeous! via

Oh hello Chris Benz – I would wear you every day of the week! via

Wouldn’t mind sharing my space and books with this lovely creature! via

Loving this shot! unknown source

Who wouldn’t love an afternoon picnic at the beach? I know I would love one! via

That is it for now! Till next rant comes along – digest this with joy!



Once again – its been way too long since I’ve had the time to post something… I have been hard at work lately, spent a lot of time working on some photography bits – did the photos for a wedding two weeks ago, and there is still quite a bit to do to make it all perfect…

So to get back into my groove I thought I’d start it all off with one of my inspiration rants, and this is going to be a huge one…





unknown source – but absolutely awesome!












I have had the longest week of work ever – so it feels great getting home to the H and the puppy – for a weekend filled with complete relaxation and some framing of prints…

I must admit one thing – I do love having no great plans for the weekend… I have a job that demands a 110 percent from me 24/7 – so not having any commitments when I get back from work is beyond amazing.

Btw – just watched the film/documentary Babies – if you haven’t watched it – do it this second!

But one thing I would love to do is sharing some amazing weekend inspiration with you!

Since it is the weekend – what feels more right than a bit of sparkle? Anjelica Huston via

The perfect pink wire side table – via

Perfect combination for spring – navy + white (feel a navy + white post coming on) – via

Dalmatian bliss – via

What a card – we have all been there! via

Hello bedroom! via

Simply greatness – via

Maybe some new Europ travel inspiration? Greece next? via

I want this bag! Maybe because I’ve got this idea that if I had a see-through bag it would make me organize it! via

I welcome summer – and it seems this lovely yellow bike does to! via

Oh hello gorgeous! via

For the love of great kitchens – via

For the love of ferris wheels! via

A true weekend favorite of mine… via

For the love of old kettles! via

Gorgeous make-up – via

Ok – so this contains my dream wire basket – but there are a couple of more cravings arriving after looking at this… The amazingly huge mirror – the round clothing rack and who wouldn’t like the pyramid? via



Tomorrow I am off to Edinburgh for 4 days – hoping it will feel like 14 days! I won’t bring my laptop along for the ride – since I will spend most of my time roaming the streets, taking a picture of everything I fancy or spending way too much on one or more crazy shopping sprees… So how about a great inspiration spree before my great travel spree? I think it is very fitting… I will of course share a collection of images and notes after I return from Edinburgh.

So here is todays prey from my daily pinterest inspiration hunt!

This is my all time favorite Irving Penn photo – Mouth – and I need to put this on my wall!As I write this I am hunting for a print! If any of you guys knows where I can get a print please do tell… via

A great (and simple DIY) – take a vintage scarf you love and put it in a nice frame – voila a beautiful art piece for you and your guests to rest your eyes on. I am also swooning over the vintage telephone – want one of those… via

I couldn’t find a source for this one – but look at how gorgeous it is – had to share it. . .

If I had a summer home in a warm place – this is what I would love my bedroom to look and feel like – calm and serene… via

You know I love a great black and white styling – this one is no exception. via

Some amaze-nails to cheer me up – love that there are only two with the marbled effect… via

Neutral perfection… via

I do love a black dress – especially if it has a great length and flows absolutely perfectly! via

If we get our behinds to Paris – I might just want to spend the nights right here –  at the Hotel Le Relais Saint Germain… via

I must admit I wouldn’t mind having this Alberta Ferretti gown as a part of my wardrobe… But then again – who in their right mind would mind having this hanging in their wardrobe? via

This seems like a great place to rest ones head at night… via

And who might this perfectly cool human being be? In love with the jeans – and of course the amazing Valentino heels she is sporting… via

Great collection of cameras – via

Rosewater vodka anyone? via

Colorful firewood via

How brilliant is this??? I know I need one! via 

Perfectly painted wooden floor! via

And then to end it all – in the spirit of our travel tomorrow! via



Today I set out on the task of creating a workspace for my self. The H has taken up our desk in the livingroom – so I have been doing most my work on the couch or in bed – and my back is paying for it! So when I got back from work yesterday I had a revelation – I can make space in our bedroom for a personal workspace for me and only me! So after roaming some of the vintage shops in our area without any luck – and deciding that I am at a point where I can’t defend getting my dream desk which is priced at around 900 quid. So I grabbed my bag and my money – headed out to Ikea and got myself a desk that will do until I can change it for my dream desk… And I also managed to grab some of those lovely display shelves that I’ve been raving about. So tomorrow  I’ll be roaming about the city for items to throw into my new workspace – can’t wait to use it! I’ll share some images of it as soon as it is all sorted!

Now back to the inspiration blast!

The beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg – wearing quite the beautiful creation… via

Two gorgeous plates from Noma – really need to get a table there whenever I get my bum to the right city! via

Since I have gone on about gorgeous tiles for quite a bit – why not share some more with you? via

How lovely is this? via

Great bedroom storage! I am so gonna do this if I buy a flat in the near future… via

Just because it is beautiful! via

I will say one thing – YUMMY – via

Cool industrial coat rack – want that as well… via

Beautiful headpiece at Giambattista Valli  via

Grumpy Cat – how can I not share this? If I am getting a cat I hope it has a face like that! via

A fairly handsome and well dressed man – I am not one to complain about that… via

Great chairs via

Go Rankin! via

Love the perfume bottle vase! I use those perfumes from D&G – so doing this once it is empty… Would probs work with any lovely perfume bottle… via

Head over heels about the tattoos on Ricki Hall! Want to frame him and hang him up on my wall! Btw you kinda have  to love a man with a great beard… via

How do you follow-up after a heavy tattooed man with a full on beard? I choose to do it with these great pastel stairs via

Lovely piece by Antonio Mora – unknown source but you can see the artist pinterest here.

That is it for today – the inspiration overload after a hectic weekend – hope you enjoyed it!



Time for a new collection of brilliant inspiration – been way too long since I’ve taken time out to make one of these. I am heading back to work tomorrow – but will be back on Friday – better than ever!

The most gorgeous skull I have ever come across – via

Gorgeous photography via

Great clothes via

Grilled cheese via

A floral Hanneli via

Small white and wood Oslo apartment 5

A great apartment via

A great swimsuit via

An amazing nursery via

Great place cards via



I am off work and it is time to spend the weekend relaxing and diving into photography projects and some great food! First of all I want to start it all off with one of my pinterest rants!

Perfect dining space via photographed by

Perfect lighting via – pay attention to the lighting on the table as well – shamazing I tell you!

Monochromatic greatness via

Please – someone just ship me to San Francisco! Amazing imagery via

Great shoes via

Bunny greatness via

Who wouldn’t love some yellow for breakfast, lunch and dinner? via

This is the sorbet for me – gin and tonic all the way – via

And to go with that gin and tonic sorbet – as it melts down I wouldn’t be opposed to having one of these lovely patterned straws via readily available!

This might just be the coolest guitar ever made! via

I am swooning over the great map action going on in the background! via

Minty pastels and graphic patterns – feel the new season is on a rise… via

Great Finish cabin via

Pure beauty via

Fill your shelves with things that makes you happy – via

Bag crave happening! via

Beautiful imagery combined with beautiful geometry – who can fault this? via

Oh I need to work on my organisation skills – via

Beautiful space via

Great ink – great photography via

all is found via



My easter holiday started today – and what better way to kick it off than to share a bunch of brilliant inspiration with you? Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday – and that everyone enjoys my platter of inspiration!

Some perfect colours for spring…

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen – the grey painted wooden floors combined with the steel and the wood kitchen fronts – common does anyone find a fault to this one? It even has the display shelves…

A pink balloon – from me to you – just to welcome spring!

Another perfect table – I can’t figure out where this beauty is from though – so if you have a clue please do tell!!!

Look at this –  coconut, almond & quinoa breakfast cakes – yummy! I am so gonna give these a go – if you want to as well you can check out the recipe right here!

This one is here simply because it is a great space… Not a word more to say about it…

Perfect bedding by Country Road – hoping they ship to Norway!

Who doesn’t love a great thick cat eye?


Seriously – if you love a crazy wallpaper you will swoon over this one… Perfectly named “My Museum” by Wall & Decò!

I really feel like adding some of these doily platters from BRIKA to my home… Don’t you?

Oh how I would love to wear this gorgeous creation by Ulyana Sergeenko!

Oh I am ready for summer and dipping my body in lakes!

Another great wood kitchen front… Maybe that’s the way to go for me?

How gorgeous is this cafe space in The Broken Arm in Paris? I am sold! If I go to Paris this is on my to check out list – oh so definitely!

Maybe this bag would make me keep my stuff in order since there is no hiding the bag mess!  Unfortunately, the source for this greatness is Nastygal – and I cannot find this bag anywhere – must be sold out! Oh no!

I am completely swooning over this brass table by Mimmi Staaf

For some reason this image makes me want to drive through the US – anyone else get that feeling?

What better way to end this post than by the backsides of some gorgeous Matthew Williamson gowns?

all images sourced via