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I am spending all my time focusing on plans these days – almost finished with my marketing plan and then there is the daunting task of creating my business plan… I find it interesting, but at the same time spending hour upon hour writing till my fingertips hurt from what could only classify as frantic typing there is one thing I need more than anything; shamazing music.

So here is my Monday playlist – or {Frantic Typing} playlist if you may!

I realize now that it is quite obvious that autumn is here… This is the kind of music I live on through the season – all of these songs go perfectly with leaves falling from trees… Try it out!



It is late where I am – I am surrounded by the dark night – the clock tells me it is 04:35. . . Still 5 hours left till I can let my head hit the pillow and drift off to wonderful dreams. . . What is keeping me up? Drifting away in a haze of beautiful and inspiring images and the wonders found on playlists I had totally forgotten about. I just got my new phone – and it didn’t take long between charging it up for the first time and me downloading my Spotify on it. Randomly chosing playlists to download – my old selections all mashed up together. This has left me in heaven – so much music I have neglected for too long. And here I am – letting the music play – smiling all by my self – with an intense desire to jump about or crawl up in fetus position and ball my eyes out. Here is a ten song long selection of my deeply loved but sadly neglected tunes.

I do have some sort of belief that a persons collection of music tells a huge amount about a person. I wonder what my collection tells about me?



Finally, Friday is here. . . No worries, no exams, no work – just fun. . . 4 days left – apartment bliss getting closer. Today’s list is quite apropriate for a Friday, ENJOY!

Sexy Friday music performed in what looks like a pajama pantsuit. . . Who can turn that down? Not us

Summer in a song, and M dreams of her hair.

Nina Simone & Felix Da Housecat – Sinnerman

Never grows old! Always perfect for a night out. . . An all time favorite.



This is the musical countdown of the day. It is also a bit of a celebratory playlist. Good news: M has just finished her final written exam – it will be sent off first thing in the morning. M is gonna take a long and well deserved break from academic writing now. H on the other hand, has also got some feel good news, he got an email yesterday telling him he got accepted to the masters program he applied for. In other words – he will have two more years of academic life, and at the end of it all he is qualified to be a blazer wearing, oxford shoe covered architect with huge square specs of course. At least M can wish. Cue music:

Emeli Sande – Heaven

Because today is all about music that makes us happy – and this song ticks that box.

Magnetic Man feat John Legend – Getting Nowhere

Besides the fact that it makes us want to dance – just so you know – there is a Nazgûl in London!

Gil Scott-Heron feat Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of You

The ultimate feel-good-let’s-go-out-and-celebrate -song ever. On repeat, too bad we are not even in the same country! hehe. But that will change in 5 short days



We have decided to do a countdown to the 15, the big “MOVE IT” date. H will be flying over from London, carrying whatever he’s got in two suitcases (pretty impressive, and most likely because he is a man) and M will be at the airport waiting. . . M’s 20 something bags and suitcases will already be placed all over the apartment. In Norway it is the 10th right now, so it will be 5 days of counting down, and we have decided to do it music style. Each day we will add a tiny amount of songs that reminds us of “us”, the season (summer even though it is not present in Norway at the moment, it actually snowed last weekend) and the idea of living together. The musical treats of the day are:

Wu Lyf – We Bros

Because it is perfect for summer.

Asa – Leave the Light On (Stumbleine Remix)

Because it is what we will be listening to when we are tired of unpacking and need a “on-the-floor-nap-session”.

SBTRKT feat. Jessie Ware – Right Thing to Do

A vitamin pill to keep us going when we feel like giving it all up.