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I am still in a bit of “homeowner bliss” – tomorrow we are heading to the realtor to sign all the papers – then in July we will be moving in and starting the work… I can’t wait… I had a bit of a celebratory weekend, so this Sunday has been used to relaxation, lunching with friends and puppy cuddle, of course a lot of the day has been used hunting for inspiration. I  thought I’d share some of my Sunday favorites with you.


1. These amazing fish tacos seems like the perfect summer meal, def. gonna try to make these happen, via

2. In love with the diningroom belonging to Rumi Neelyvia

3. Also loving Lyle’s in Shoreditch as a new home inspiration source, via

4. Absolutely adore these tiles, here used in Cipro Pizza in Sydney, I wouldn’t mind them in my new hallway – perfect for the floors! via

5. Summer inspired by this gorgeous image, via

6. Always inspired by Maddie, via

7. Got floored by this gorgeous ombre wedding dress, via

8. Craving some marble jewelry, via

9. Having a crush on this cabin, go recycled windows, via




Feel like getting off the grid? How about doing it in a gorgeous barn conversion – I know these lovely homes makes me want to jump of the grid asap! We are talking lovely brick work, high ceilings, lots of light and gorgeous beams. Just imagine finding the perfect quiet spot, the perfect old barn or stable to redo just the way you want it… It’s absolutely one of the home-related dreams of mine!





unknown source




unknown source













unknown source













I am back to dreaming of creating a home just the way I want it. And today I am roaming through kitchen inspiration. So this is some of my inspiration for my future kitchen in my future dream fixer-upper-home. 

There is a lot I find inspiring by this space – mainly the floor and those amazing windows… Windows like that and a lovely patio space to enjoy my meals when weather allows me is one of my interior dreams. And that pop of bright red on the pipe – is another level of interior shamazing! via

One of my kitchen wishes is space! Space enough to keep my hobby of looking for great dinnerware and lovely vintage cups going strong and also space enough to share the kitchen with other people. As I get older I truly start believing that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and I want a kitchen spacious enough to cook with my friends, family and loved ones. And I wouldn’t mind a chalkboard wall in my kitchen, like the one in the background, for notes, art and recipes. via

This kitchen is to me absolute perfection. Obviously it is white and grey with lovely wood floors – but I have fallen in love with the combination of different tiles. I absolutely adore the fishbone tiles – I wouldn’t mind them in my future kitchen – but then again; who would? via

I adore the raw wood in this space – which fits so well with the colour of the tiles and the driftwood shelving. I must say I find this space quite charming, and it seems like it would fit a crowd! 


And we’re back on the tiles! The polygon tiles. I am absolutely head over heels for these tiles, being the tile lover that I am this might not come as great shock. And that pendant light – anyone know where I can get one of those? via

The breakfast bench in this place is absolutely gorgeous. I love the worn down leather combined with the lovely pattern of the cushion. The wood is gorgeous as well. via

The glass divide in this home is lovely. I have always had an idea of recycling some lovely industrial windows in my dream space, and as a well in my kitchen wouldn’t be the worst idea. Combine it with a door and you can separate the kitchen from the rest of the home without losing the feeling of space. via

Another great use of glass in a kitchen, making a mini inside garden behind glass walls. I would love this in my own home – wouldn’t know where to start though… via

This kitchen is absolutely lovely, it just feels inviting and cozy. I love the greens, who doesn’t love a bit of fresh florals in a space? And that window right above the kitchen sink would definitely make doing the dishes more of a lovely experience. Looking out on the life outside – day dreaming. via

I am as usual falling for the exposed brick – but this kitchen also is swoonable because it gives a great feel of space. Perfect city kitchen! via

Yes – the concrete is something to fall in love with – I know I am falling for it. . . But my main thing in this image is the pig! How cute is that piece of piglet art? I would probably have issues cooking pork, still – amazing. via

The whimsical in me is swooning over this one. Pops of colour, pops of typography, pops of Eames – and on the top of it all – that table! That table is proof of how imperfection creates perfection. via

One of my great wishes for a great spacious kitchen is a perfectly tiny and perfectly cozy breakfast corner! This one right here seems pretty perfect. There is something romantic about having a tiny corner space for enjoying the start of the day…  via

The combination of marble and colours in this space is brilliant. The cutlery in the glass vase is pretty perfect – would love have a vase of pretty cutlery in my own kitchen. via

I used to be opposed to wallpapers – but my opinion has changes – and I am time after time finding inspiration in homes filled with wallpaper. And now I am getting excited by wallpaper in any shape and any form – especially in the form as kitchen decor. I would love a great wallpaper wall in my future kitchen… 


I know I often bring up industrial greatness on this blog. But common! This industrial open space kitchen is pure greatness… Look at that dining table – and I do adore that lovely tiny neon sign action going on in the background. via

I’ve always wanted loads of open shelves in my dream kitchen. And I have totally fallen for these great shelves from Ikea – so the price is nice as well… I have this image in my head that if I have open shelves in my kitchen not only can I display all my lovely finds, but at the same time it will make me more organized… via

Adore this mini wash it nook – but mostly – those tiles! via

 Why not get inspired by a coffee shop? That pop of yellow isn’t wrong! via

Again – this is all about the great display storage… I think I might be a person who would start the planning of a kitchen from the storage… All the other stuff will come along in its own time. via


That’s it for today! There will be more kitchen at a later time – and I will probably be running through every room of my future dream fixer-upper-home.




Here goes – the second of the four posts about our lovely trip to Portugal and London.


After four nights in Porto we got on a train to Lisbon. It was just a three-hour trip between the two cities – easy choice of transport.


The view from our balcony – lovely waking up to a view over the botanical garden…


Every morning was spent with a cup of coffee on our balcony.

I absolutely fell in love with this city. . . Such a beautiful place! We were lucky enough to find a flat right next to the Avenida da Liberdade – so we were in walking distance from most of Lisbon. We spent a week in the city, and all I want to do is return! I have said to the H that I want a vacation place in Lisbon – at least he agrees!

The Art of Lisbon

I am not talking let’s hang it in a gallery and sell it kind of art – I am talking of the art you see everyday in a city – the decorations on a house, the tile work that surrounds you, the amazing street art you pass by… And Lisbon is full of it! Porto had its share of it as well – polka dots and stars painted on houses and so on, but in Lisbon it went to a different level all together. Abandoned buildings was made into enormous canvases, filled with amazing pieces of graffiti – You will understand what I am talking about when you see the images – I am talking beyond amazing! Then there is the tile work – there are so many houses decorated in the most amazing tiles you could ever imagine,



Seriously the coolest optician in the world – I wish my optician had a sign that looks like this!





This right here might be my favorite street art piece ever. I wish I could get this on a print and hang it above my bed.


The National Pantheon

Hello gorgeous is all I have to say! After visiting the flea market (images found down below) we decided to give the national pantheon a visit. We made our way up to the top of the building through narrow corridors and stone steps. . . Why is it so boring to walk up steps? But almost every time what you find at the top of those boring steps is something utterly amazing? Can someone please explain that correlation to me? Well anyways, this was no exception – at the top of those boring steps we found something amazing! We stepped outside and walked around this gorgeous white landscape, with a view for days over the city and beyond. The inside of the pretty beast – well I feel like the images speak for them selves in that matter!






The Lisbon Architecture

Travelling with an architect and having a keen interest in great buildings myself – vacation time soon turns into look at this great architecture time… Me and the H are both still in awe of the incredible architectural melting pot we’ve left behind us… Not only is the architectural influences many  – you see islamic influences, roman influences, art nouveau and baroque – you’ve got old and you’ve got modernism at its best – and all of this is mixed together into the perfection we call Lisbon. We spent a week there – and I feel like I need at least two more weeks to get through the architectural sightseeing I want to do…














Feira Da Ladra 

When we had a Saturday in Lisbon we felt like we couldn’t skip checking out the famous flea market, and we were not disappointed! I managed to keep my cash in my pocket – I did not buy anything. Besides interior pieces I had a bit of an internal struggle about not buying 10 vintage watches and 20 old cameras… If you have a lot of time for hunting, and a lot of extra space in your luggage when you visit Lisbon – go check it out and go crazy!



I must say I do like a ceiling full of colorful buckets!




There are some proper shops in the market as well – by proper I mean shops you walk into and pay at a cashier…




If only I had a place in Lisbon – or enough room to pack these lovely pink pieces of greatness with me back home… I would want it all, the chairs, the bed, the bedside table, the dresser – EVERYTHING!

Our Favorite Look-Out Point

Me and the H found our favorite look-out point in the city – there are tons of them – but for us the perfect spot was the Jardim de S. Pedro de Alcântara… We could walk up behind where we were living – there was this perfect little garden patch with the most amazing view of Lisbon. It had a lovely tiny bar in the corner, so you could hide under the trees – enjoying some shade whilst sipping on a perfectly made mojito…



Bairro Alto

As the last stop in this post – I’ll share some images from the famous Bairro Alto.








Lisbon has quickly made its way to my top 4 cities list. I am already dreaming of going back. . . Hope you enjoyed the pretty image heavy post…

all images by me



Tomorrow I am off to Edinburgh for 4 days – hoping it will feel like 14 days! I won’t bring my laptop along for the ride – since I will spend most of my time roaming the streets, taking a picture of everything I fancy or spending way too much on one or more crazy shopping sprees… So how about a great inspiration spree before my great travel spree? I think it is very fitting… I will of course share a collection of images and notes after I return from Edinburgh.

So here is todays prey from my daily pinterest inspiration hunt!

This is my all time favorite Irving Penn photo – Mouth – and I need to put this on my wall!As I write this I am hunting for a print! If any of you guys knows where I can get a print please do tell… via

A great (and simple DIY) – take a vintage scarf you love and put it in a nice frame – voila a beautiful art piece for you and your guests to rest your eyes on. I am also swooning over the vintage telephone – want one of those… via

I couldn’t find a source for this one – but look at how gorgeous it is – had to share it. . .

If I had a summer home in a warm place – this is what I would love my bedroom to look and feel like – calm and serene… via

You know I love a great black and white styling – this one is no exception. via

Some amaze-nails to cheer me up – love that there are only two with the marbled effect… via

Neutral perfection… via

I do love a black dress – especially if it has a great length and flows absolutely perfectly! via

If we get our behinds to Paris – I might just want to spend the nights right here –  at the Hotel Le Relais Saint Germain… via

I must admit I wouldn’t mind having this Alberta Ferretti gown as a part of my wardrobe… But then again – who in their right mind would mind having this hanging in their wardrobe? via

This seems like a great place to rest ones head at night… via

And who might this perfectly cool human being be? In love with the jeans – and of course the amazing Valentino heels she is sporting… via

Great collection of cameras – via

Rosewater vodka anyone? via

Colorful firewood via

How brilliant is this??? I know I need one! via 

Perfectly painted wooden floor! via

And then to end it all – in the spirit of our travel tomorrow! via



So here we are once more – at a ceiling post – this time it is all about the glass ceiling. I find glass ceilings quite intriguing… They can make wonders happen – atmosphere-vise., depending on what lies above. You have glass ceilings giving you a straight touch with the skies outside. This would make a city home feel like a retreat far away from the crowded streets outside. You have glass ceilings giving you a view of a roof top pool – leaving you with a feeling of being subaquatic. I could go on – but I would rather just give you a visual trip to show you why I am so intrigued by glass ceilings. Enjoy! Oh and by the way – if you are going to splurge on a glass ceiling/glass roof – be a darling to yourself and get the self-cleaning one 😉

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


If you are lucky you might even find Giorgio Armani crawling around on your glass ceiling, via












As some of you may have noticed I have a thing for great bathrooms – and especially great bathroom tiles.

I have decided to show you one of my great tile favorites these days – from Villeroy & Boch – available here – for those of you living in the UK.

It is the  V & B Bianco Nero Decor Tile. Which gives the most amazing three-dimensional feel – just give it a look!

What I absolutely adore about these tiles is the subtle geometry – which in my eyes is absolute perfection. I do fall for the subtle and the geek in me frolics at the idea of covering my bathroom walls with these tiles. I see these tiles working with both modern and more eclectic elements – you could go absolute minimalism and combine it with black and white details and bring in elements of metal – as in the photo above – or you could bring in some more natural elements like wood, army green and some lovely copper tones.

The black version of the tiles is also pretty shamazing – but I must admit I lean towards the white. Since I am a pale kind of girl!

If I should complete a bathroom with the white tiles I would probably go for some details like these:


1. Wire basket from Ferm Living 2. Some great reclaimed wood floors via 3. Wood details from Bolia 4. Scented candle via Tom Dixon 5. Blow Light in copper via Tom Dixon 6. Strap mirror from HAY 7. Charade toilet accessories via Jonathan Adler

And at the end of it I would throw in a lovely traditional freestanding tub – like this one via