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I am never one to braid my hair, to be honest – if I do anything special to my hair it must be throwing it up in a bun… As simple as that! This is mostly because I don’t ever put aside enough time to do something advanced with my hair – even if it has now reached the length where I can basically wear it as a crop top if I’m in a hurry… Still, I really am fascinated by a lovely braid – and it is probably the one thing I want to be able to nail – preferably a thick fishtail braid.

Just look at these lovely ladies and their perfectly braided hair… Visual inspiration time!


unknown source


unknown source







Need to learn how to do this!




I am addicted to a lot of things – mostly visual inspiration stations…. A couple of days back I shared a post on one of my visual inspiration favorites – VSCO GRID, which you can check out right here. Another one of my main sources for daily visual input is the always lovely instagram. And I have decided that I will create a collection of posts to share some of my favorite instagram users with you, I’ll share 15 “instagrammers” every time!



















lichipan.jpg @lichipan











So, who are some of your favorite instagrammers?



It has been a long day, been up since five this morning and running wild. For the need of a simple pick me up before the weekend of fixing this place begins – I need some visual pleasure. So here goes nothing.

Ok, this might just be the most amazing piece of wall brilliance I’ve seen – I need an enormous koala bear on my wall! It’s by Carla Fletcher, now all I need to do is figure out how to get a hold of one… via

I wouldn’t mind spending tomorrow drinking coffee or tea in bed, flipping through magazines just absorbing inspiration, via

These flowers are absolutely gorgeous, gonna try a flower hunt tomorrow, via

Amazing shot of the amazingly beautiful Gemma Ward, add some flowers and you’ve got perfection. via

Think this must be as close to perfect as it gets, you should check out the rest of the images, follow the link! via

Perfectly twisted, via

Muted, via

Common, admit it, you would love having this hanging about in your window sill… via

Monochromatic, unknown source

I have used the term amazeballs on this site, but now let’s use amazewalls! unknown source

Marble and chrome, unknown source

Hello there giraffe, via

Dinner anyone? via

That shade of green, via

The lamp envy, unknown source

What better way to finish this off than trough the utter cuteness and fluff of a bunny? via

Good night! Time to head off to bed and dream of the fluff!



The weekend is slowly coming to an end… And I’m thinking the best way to end this Sunday is by harvesting today’s visual inspiration, and sharing it!

Those pleats, those shoes! via

Who doesn’t crave a cozy kitchen? I know I do. via

This just looks perfectly refreshing, via

I think it is the chairs, or maybe it’s the floors, or maybe even the oversized front page… Who knows, anyways this work space is pretty darn amazing! unknown source

Amazing image, instant photo inspiration… Everything from the flowers, the muted tones to the walls and the mirror is perfect. via

Another room I can’t decide what is best… In this one I am craving the wooden floors and that amazing chair, the upholstery on that one is beyond good! via

Hello color pallet! via

So simple yet so stunning… Still trying to figure out how to use this one in my cooking though… via

Bedroom inspiration, via

Be the one in red! via

Those flowers, that fabric, via

In the pink, via

I need to travel, I need to explore more of Europe! via

I need to get fresh flowers tomorrow, via

Suit up! via

Loving that fireplace. . . via

Boozy popcorn anyone? via

The mirror, via

Organize it, via

The outfit, via

Get it on the wall, via

Still in love with these from Fendi, via

Gorgeous smoke, via

Pancakes anyone? via

I believe every man should carry a beard! via

Finally, solitude. Iceland is on my “to-travel-to” list. via



Happy weekend! Been running on a bit of a low these days, only when it comes to the aspect of time – energy and joy on the other hand is running perfectly high. It’s the weekend, and this one I have dedicated to sorting my stuff out – which means organizing my space and my different projects… Besides increasing amounts of responsibility at my job (the day job), I have several projects on the creative side running a bit wild. So this weekend I am stopping the stagnation and fixing my office space… Whatever I can do without running out to buy storage units and shelving. Oh and I am going to clean out my wardrobe – need to figure out what to keep and what to give away… Think I am at the point of realization that I use only 10 percent of the things in there…

So, while having a break from the organizational bits at home I am feeding my mind with some visual inspiration. What better way to organize the visual inspiration of the day than sharing it on here?

Hello kitty – I like your physic, unknown source.

For the bride in you, for the photographer of the bride in me (and for the sweet tooth in everyone!) via

Gorgeous details, via

Pale bride, via

Considering doing this with my Ferm basket, via

Pale lioness, via

Shades, unknown source

Insane cuteness is always inspiring, via

Who needs to get married in the summer when they can do it in the winter? via

The perfect Chloé coat – wouldn’t mind this showing up on my doorstep! via

Nature, via

Need flowers, via

Typography/branding, via

I think I finally found it, the perfect wallpaper, via! The wallpaper is by Ellie Cashman, have to figure out how to get a hold of it here in Norway, pure perfection.

The colour, via

One part of me is screaming “PERFECT KITCHEN”, other part of me is whispering “you’re a messy cook, cleaning that wood would be mayhem”… via

Make coffee look good. via

I can’t fault this one, the perfect mix of natural shades of wood, black and white… And that tub! via

I have a craving for these amazing soap stones, one can get them right here.

That’s it for now – heading back to the world of organizing!