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I have been hiding under my covers these last week couple of weeks, firstly because I am super pregnant, combine that with a massive cold and The Trump having his first week in office… Well there you have it,  a  classic cocktail for disaster. I just reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, the baby seems more comfortable inside than out, who could blame him? I have the hormone levels of a…. Well, I have the hormon levels of a woman 40 weeks pregnant with a cold that won’t go away…. Tears are a daily happening over here! To top it all off, I decided that this pregnancy around I would add some extra bedazzlement to my degree, so I just started my course in Public Law. I am hoping I will be able to look back at that decision with the mantra “good decision M, perfect timing to do a little bit more!”

In the midst of all this all I want to do is move! It’s the nester in me, nesting mode came a bit later this time around, which has saved me a lot of work to do in week 40… Maybe it’s a good thing this little one wants to stay in the warmth of my belly? We have prepared, as much as possible; he’s got babywear lined up, the new stroller is in-house, the bed is ready… But for some reason me wanting to move – and start a full on renovation project in the start of week 40, is really a thing! Good to know that I have been ripped of all sense of logic. Still I am out there, hunting for future home inspiration, and this amazing apartment up for grabs is the perfect inspiration these days… I am dreaming of a house, but there is so much greatness to take from this one. It is light, airy, modern and cozy – all mixed into one lovely space. Enjoy!

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One of my long-lasting-never-ending-interior-loves must be great white floors. I have decided to make a line-up of floor related posts, focusing on different floor colors I love and crave, and who better to kick it all off than white?

We currently have light grey floors going through our apartment, they are bordering on white, but not nearly as bright as the ones listed below. One of the best aspects of daring to go all out and paint your floors in a bright white is the light effect you´re left with. It brightens up a room like nothing else, at the same time it works as a perfect backdrop for anything. You can go in any direction with your wall color, your furniture and everything else you choose to add to your space. No matter what you choose to combine it with, you´re kinda on to a winner in my eyes. Personally, I love a minimalistic backdrop, either combining white floors with the same tone of white walls, or different shades of grey all the way down the scale to black. So in the images below I have focused on white floors combined with white walls, as the perfect backdrop to just about anything. Enjoy!

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The Bean is in need of his own space now, so we have decided to create a room for him asap! Our living/dining space used to contain a bedroom, this is before we bought the place, and now we want to reverse the old owners vision back to the original form. This will leave the Bean with a bedroom big enough for him and all his possessions. He will end up with quite a spacious room, and I have started working on the details (we´re talking colors, wallpaper, decor), whilst the H is working on the structural bit of it.

I want the room to have a black and white backdrop, with pops of color and maybe a great wallpaper to break it up, so of course I have been spending some time inspiration hunting. Here are some favorites I´ve gathered, enjoy!


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All I have to do right now is waiting for a wall to arrive… I´ll share some images as soon as we start working on his little dome of greatness.



I have been rolling around the used furniture market, looking for some pieces to add to our collection… On my way around I came across the amazing Oti chair by Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea – this amazing Bertoiaesque thing from the eighties got me smitten. So as my natural instinct is to dive into the deep end, I started hunting for other Ikea treasures from the past… And I did not get disappointed! So now I have a ton of Ikea on my vintage hunt list, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Järpen Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Moment Sofa by Niels Gammelgaard

Oti Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Amiral Chair by Karin Moberg

Eke Chair by Gillis Ljunggren

That’s it for now, so, what’s your favorite?

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We are leaving for the holidays on Sunday, time has passed so quickly this December. We are so busy with the Bean, we don’t even notice the days passing by. Suddenly Christmas is less than a week away! We’ve got our tree, most of the gifts are wrapped up and bagged for travel. We are feeling ready for the Beans first Christmas, bring it on!

Since we are going to my parents house for the holidays I got one of my gifts early, and to my great surprise it was the Louis Ghost chair… Now I just have to figure out where to put it to use! I know that in our future home it will be a part of my work space, but at the moment, my work space is a combination of the dining room table, the couch and the floor. Maybe, if I’m lucky I can manage to squeeze in a tiny work space in our living room, without making the whole space seem cramped? I’ll do my best… Till then, here is some visual inspiration to make me figure out where the new greatness will go for now.

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I have been craving this little side table/trolley for quite some time now… It’s pretty close to the top of my Christmas wishlist this year, maybe I’ll have to get it for myself… It’s by time I start giving myself a gift for Christmas, self-indulgent much?

It is such a versatile piece, and I do love something that I can switch up as my home evolves. At the moment, I would love it as a piece of our kitchen, to store some lovely bits. Like our black cutlery, some nice plates, some bottles of goodness, a little bit of everything really. At the same time, it could just as well do the job as a side table in our living room. Basically, wherever it’s needed, put it to work! My personal favorite is the white and the light gray, would fit perfectly in at home!

Here is some images showing some of the different ways you could use this lovely table…

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I’ve been on the move lately, we’ve finally got someone to come in and fix up the kitchen! So as the work has been going on I’ve been spending some time at my parents place. Hoping the work will be done this week, then the pictures will be coming your way! The H is at home taking care of the details with the workers, so I do get some daily hints in the form of images, but I do wish I was there to witness it myself! Can’t wait to start hunting for the smaller details now, cookware galore! And the biggest change will be our new built-in pantry, can’t wait to organize it all!

Whilst we wait for the greatness I’ll give you one of my shares, hope you enjoy it!



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Baby Bean


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