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For the first time I feel the obligation to create an advent calendar for The Bean! Last year his advent calendar was unlimited snuggles every day, this year, I want to add some more excitement t0 it. Feeling the mom pressure building over here. So I have hunted high and low for some inspiration, to get my creative juices flowing, pre-creating.

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Now I just have to figure out what I can do with my limited DIY skill set, and what to put in the little parcels.




It has been quite a post-less week for me… Tomorrow we are just one month away from calling ourselves parents, so the H went to London to see his family and friends and I headed home to see mine. The H came home with some amazing stuff for the baby bean, pretty jealous, I would love roaming baby stores in Islington as well! He came home with loads of fashion for the bean, toys and lots more. So now I’ll put on my organizing cloak and start putting everything in its place.

I’ve got a plan of making weekly “to-do-lists” so I am sure I’ve got some sort of clear idea of what to do and when to do it… I am suffering from extreme pregnancy brain, I forget everything these days, so lists are my best friends…

Over to the visual input, here are some of my favorite items from the week that has passed, enjoy!



1. Add some green to your home, via 2. Amazing “hidden” office space on display, via 3. Elegant dining room with some black in it, via 4. Cable love, via 5. Well curated shelves, via 6. Minimalist white bathroom, yes please, via 7. Love this hallway, via 8. Hello bedroom, via 9. Living space, via



1. Amazing instagram for minimalist style, via 2. Sandal porn, via 3. Amazing coat, unfortunately sold out so waiting is the game to play, via 4. Spring layering, via 5. How to dress at every age, via 6. Outfit envy, via 7. Madewell spring catalog, via 8. Midi skirts and leather jackets for the win, via 9. Paris street style, via



1. We love a great fish taco, gonna try out this salmon taco soon, via 2. Chilli cherry mango smoothies, need to test it, not just for the amazing color, via 3. Pasta with ham and leek, via 4. Amazing foodie instagram, via 5. What a beautiful mess on a plate, via 6. Give me these roasted baby beets, via 7. I really want to learn how to bake, so I could whip up something like this, via 8. How tasty does this look? via 9. Coconut flour porridge with matcha milk, crazy colors going on, via



1. Lisa + Jon, via 2. Cute Portland wedding, via 3. Bohemian engagement session, via 4. Portrait wedding invitation suite, via 5. Put a bow on it, via 6. Great portrait, via 7. Italian wedding, via 8. Simplistic invitation, via 9. Cute nerdy wedding, via

Baby Bean


1. Milk soft musical toy, need it, via 2. Adorable kids room, via 3. Ikea baby gym hack, via 4. Baby shower greatness, via 5. I want one of these for the baby bean, then one for me, via 6. 1st birthday, via 7. My cat, my love, via 8. Giant London coloring poster, via 9. Baby space inspiration galore, via

Have a great Sunday, and an even greater week to come!



I am back to dreaming of creating a home just the way I want it. And today I am roaming through kitchen inspiration. So this is some of my inspiration for my future kitchen in my future dream fixer-upper-home. 

There is a lot I find inspiring by this space – mainly the floor and those amazing windows… Windows like that and a lovely patio space to enjoy my meals when weather allows me is one of my interior dreams. And that pop of bright red on the pipe – is another level of interior shamazing! via

One of my kitchen wishes is space! Space enough to keep my hobby of looking for great dinnerware and lovely vintage cups going strong and also space enough to share the kitchen with other people. As I get older I truly start believing that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and I want a kitchen spacious enough to cook with my friends, family and loved ones. And I wouldn’t mind a chalkboard wall in my kitchen, like the one in the background, for notes, art and recipes. via

This kitchen is to me absolute perfection. Obviously it is white and grey with lovely wood floors – but I have fallen in love with the combination of different tiles. I absolutely adore the fishbone tiles – I wouldn’t mind them in my future kitchen – but then again; who would? via

I adore the raw wood in this space – which fits so well with the colour of the tiles and the driftwood shelving. I must say I find this space quite charming, and it seems like it would fit a crowd! 


And we’re back on the tiles! The polygon tiles. I am absolutely head over heels for these tiles, being the tile lover that I am this might not come as great shock. And that pendant light – anyone know where I can get one of those? via

The breakfast bench in this place is absolutely gorgeous. I love the worn down leather combined with the lovely pattern of the cushion. The wood is gorgeous as well. via

The glass divide in this home is lovely. I have always had an idea of recycling some lovely industrial windows in my dream space, and as a well in my kitchen wouldn’t be the worst idea. Combine it with a door and you can separate the kitchen from the rest of the home without losing the feeling of space. via

Another great use of glass in a kitchen, making a mini inside garden behind glass walls. I would love this in my own home – wouldn’t know where to start though… via

This kitchen is absolutely lovely, it just feels inviting and cozy. I love the greens, who doesn’t love a bit of fresh florals in a space? And that window right above the kitchen sink would definitely make doing the dishes more of a lovely experience. Looking out on the life outside – day dreaming. via

I am as usual falling for the exposed brick – but this kitchen also is swoonable because it gives a great feel of space. Perfect city kitchen! via

Yes – the concrete is something to fall in love with – I know I am falling for it. . . But my main thing in this image is the pig! How cute is that piece of piglet art? I would probably have issues cooking pork, still – amazing. via

The whimsical in me is swooning over this one. Pops of colour, pops of typography, pops of Eames – and on the top of it all – that table! That table is proof of how imperfection creates perfection. via

One of my great wishes for a great spacious kitchen is a perfectly tiny and perfectly cozy breakfast corner! This one right here seems pretty perfect. There is something romantic about having a tiny corner space for enjoying the start of the day…  via

The combination of marble and colours in this space is brilliant. The cutlery in the glass vase is pretty perfect – would love have a vase of pretty cutlery in my own kitchen. via

I used to be opposed to wallpapers – but my opinion has changes – and I am time after time finding inspiration in homes filled with wallpaper. And now I am getting excited by wallpaper in any shape and any form – especially in the form as kitchen decor. I would love a great wallpaper wall in my future kitchen… 


I know I often bring up industrial greatness on this blog. But common! This industrial open space kitchen is pure greatness… Look at that dining table – and I do adore that lovely tiny neon sign action going on in the background. via

I’ve always wanted loads of open shelves in my dream kitchen. And I have totally fallen for these great shelves from Ikea – so the price is nice as well… I have this image in my head that if I have open shelves in my kitchen not only can I display all my lovely finds, but at the same time it will make me more organized… via

Adore this mini wash it nook – but mostly – those tiles! via

 Why not get inspired by a coffee shop? That pop of yellow isn’t wrong! via

Again – this is all about the great display storage… I think I might be a person who would start the planning of a kitchen from the storage… All the other stuff will come along in its own time. via


That’s it for today! There will be more kitchen at a later time – and I will probably be running through every room of my future dream fixer-upper-home.




So… I have been thinking a bit about the coolness of an industrial looking wedding… A friend of mine was talking about it the other day, how she is considering a more industrial feel to her wedding and she wanted a bit of ideas and advice…So this is basically for her – my friend with a dream about a not so traditional industrial warehouse wedding… Hope she gets her dream, and I get to help her fulfill it! To me there is an almost rustic charm to an industrial wedding, there is something incredibly cosy about what would seem hard to make cozy (for example a warehouse)… Here is some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering for my friend, hope it is just as enjoyable for you as it will be for her!

The Industrial Bride & Groom

To me a bride that goes for an industrial/warehouse wedding can get away with almost anything – the same basically counts for the groom… I must say I would steer away from the ball gown style and the to laced out ones – I am thinking minimalism at its best… It could also be with a vintage flair or a crazy golden gown – because to me – if you choose to go for a warehouse for your wedding – out with the rulebook in with the creative mindset! For the groom I would probably go for something simple – probably black or grey – with a dash of quirky – but hey, that’s just me!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Tablescape

When it comes to the table setting – I have one thing to say (or maybe a few);

keep it simple, keep it natural, keep it charming, keep it rustic – save the fancy pansy for later!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Flowers

To me, this is just another area to let your creativity run completely wild… Base your choices in your colour pallet, and build around it with complimentary colours and maybe some aspects from nature, like berries (image 1) or moss… Also you could choose to be more creative in your choice of floral display like image 2, where the floral composition is hung from the ceiling. Or how about going for a multi coloured creation scattered around – like image 6?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Stationary

Here I am thinking; keep it simple, keep it cool. . . Maybe play around with some pops of colour to bring a punch of brightness or how about bringing in some graphic patterns? In image 5 they are both present, and it is looking good!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Ceremony

The ceremony space should be filled with lights, I am thinking candle lights, strings of fairy light, diy pendants hanging down… I must admit I adore the light letters in image nmr 1. I am also feeling like a backdrop full of creative flair would suit this setting more than anything – I am a great fan of the driftwood, the doors and the different paper fans – or you could just go for a simple background – like the exposed brick that came with the space!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Reception

For the reception I would carry on with the overload of light! Just look at these images which all displays great use of light to add to the reception space of an industrial warehouse kinda wedding. One of my favorites must be the glass boxed mounted on the wall to be used as shelves for greens and candle light… I want to do that in my home! Think I just have to – hallway project needs to be started.


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Industrial Cake

When it comes to the cake I would suggest going for something down right simple and almost naked – if you get my drift… I feel like that is what an industrial styled wedding is about – stripping it down and making it fabulous from there on out! I am imagining simple sweet tables, with vintage and galvanized trays for serving – like in picture 2 & 5. Or you can go for a bit of a modern twist, pulling in geometric shapes and symbols – like a geometric pattern across your cake or maybe a chevron cake?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via


So tell me – is the industrial way the way for you?



As I almost promised not long ago – while posting about dusky pink in fashion – here – I am now handing you one on a dusky pale pink wedding!

The Pale Pink Gown

Would you go there? To that place, you know the place, where you walk around like a grown-up version of the princess in the pale dress you imagined as a child? I probably wouldn’t but I take my felt hat off for anyone who does!


1. via 2. via 3. unknown source 4. unknown source 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Groom

A pale pink boutonniere, a pink bow tie or tie – or how about going all the way and putting the groom in a pale pink suit?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Wedding Shoes

This must be one of my favorite aspects – who wouldn’t love a pair of lovely pale pink heels for the big day?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Flowers

How about a pale pink bouquet or how about some pale pink flowers represented in your centerpieces?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Bridesmaids

If you won’t go there (response to the comment on the pink gown) then maybe your bridal party would!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Ceremony

How about drizzling some pale pink on your ceremony space? I am especially swooning over the ceremony backdrop in image 2 and the lovely pillows for ceremony seating in picture 1.


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Stationary

Put the pale pink on paper!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Reception Space

I’m talking garlands, signs, pom poms, tablecloths, tableware – the whole shabang! But of course in the most modest of ways haha!


1. via 2. via 3. unknown source 4. via 5. via 6. via

The Pale Pink Cake

Then finally – the CAKE! Could it work with some pink?


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 5. unknown source 6. via

The Pale Pink Food & Drink

It is possible to incorporate the colour through what you and your guests are supposed to devour! Just look at these gorgeous nibbles and these refreshing beverages… I feel I’m on to a winner!


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. unknown source 5. via 6. via

That’s it for today – so – would you incorporate pale pink into your wedding? I know I probably would in some way or form…



I am talking about the colour green – not the environmental type of green. . . I like that type of green to, but this is about bringing the colour green into your wedding pallet.


Green chair via

Green skirts for bridesmaids via.

Green invites via

Gorgeous green bouquet! via

Succulent place setting via. I am absolutely in love with this simplicity of this – if I am planning a wedding this is high on the to-do list…

How about going for a green dress? via

Green wedding drinks inspiration – via

The olive crown for the nature child in you… via

How about sporting some absolutely gorgeous green Gucci heels under your gorgeous white gown! via

Lovely green and white calligraphy place cards. via

I absolutely love this wild bouquet… Perfection! via

Go green all the way! via

This is the ultimate gorgeous wedding setting inspiration – in love! via

Almost looks like she got married in a greenery. . . via

Really falling for the combination of pink and green. via

How about going über green? With a lovely moss-covered table! via

That’s it! Going green for your wedding?



Who doesn’t enjoy some great table setting? I wish I could have tons of amazing cutlery, dinnerware, cups and glasses – so I could make amazing tablescapes happening every night of the week.

Just look at these amazing table settings! To me they are all amazeballs!









unknown source


unknown source

















unknown source









Feel like I want to host 78 dinner parties in a row now – or get married 78 times in a row! Don’t you?