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Here comes another quick collection of favorites from the last couple of weeks. This weekend has been spent with family, roaming around the city, letting the Bean run wild at the aquarium, at the museum and everywhere in between. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, enjoy the inspiration rant!



1. The peacock chair, via 2. Two toned hallway, via 3. How about a wall of firewood for autumn? via 4. The black and white kitchen dream, via 5. I want that chair, via 6. The photographer´s home, via 7. Kitchen details, via 8. Grid bedding, yes please, via 9. Bedroom organization, via



1. Beige FTW, via 2. In love with this look, suspenders girl, via 3. The details, via 4. The colors, via 5. The leather skirt, via 6. The bag, via 7. The knitted skirt, via 8. Stockholm fashion week, via 9. Loafer dreams, via



1. Chashu pork steamed bao, via 2. Morning glory loaf, via 3. Passionfruit and blueberry cream tart, via 4. Charred kale and farro salad, via 5. Saison steamed mussels with fennel, saffron and preserved lemon, via 6. Coconut green soup with celery, kale and ginger, via 7. Watermelon, radish and cucumber salad, via 8. Matcha spaghetti with chilli and cheese, via 9. Kohlrabi, cabbage and apple slaw, via



1. Gorgeous french wedding, via 2. This Las Vegas wedding, via 3. Table setting greatness, via 4. Emerald wedding inspiration, via 5. Truvelle 2017 bridal collection, via 6. Mini cacti wedding favors, via 7. The back of this dress, via 8. Six colored but subtle wedding dresses, via 9. DIY hanging floral decorations, via


Baby Bean 


1. Zara mini, via 2. The teddy collection, via 3. Nursery prints, via 4. Perfect Halloween costume? via 5. My all time favorite, Rylee and Cru, via 6. The nursery shelf, via 7. On my current wish list, macrame nap place for baby, via 8. Toy storage crave, via 9. The perfect little reading nook, via




I’ve been on the move lately, we’ve finally got someone to come in and fix up the kitchen! So as the work has been going on I’ve been spending some time at my parents place. Hoping the work will be done this week, then the pictures will be coming your way! The H is at home taking care of the details with the workers, so I do get some daily hints in the form of images, but I do wish I was there to witness it myself! Can’t wait to start hunting for the smaller details now, cookware galore! And the biggest change will be our new built-in pantry, can’t wait to organize it all!

Whilst we wait for the greatness I’ll give you one of my shares, hope you enjoy it!



1. This mastery of grey, via 2. This lovely home, via 3. One kitchen, two cool styles, and since we’ve gone for a black wall in our kitchen I’m in love, via 4. Lamp crush, via 5. This wallpaper inspiration, bedroom crush, via 6. Pantry inspiration, next kitchen project in the making, via 7. Check out this lovely Scottish home, via 8. Lush place to flush! via 9. The perfect collage wall, via 



1. White layering, via 2. Black leather rucksack, via 3. Skirt crush, via 4. The perfect outfit, via 5. In love with this ring combo, via 6. Coat crush, via 7. 15 wardrobe essentials for winter, via 8. The bag, via 9. Silver loafers, via



1. Poached pears, via 2. Mushroom gnocchi and walnut pesto, via 3. Go matcha, via 4. Caramel apple cider float, via 5. Kale and cauliflower soup, via 6. Quinoa salad, via 7. Dinner crave, via 8. Grapefruit panna cotta, via 9. Ginger roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad, via 



1. Italian wedding inspiration, via 2. Wedding dinner dream setting, via 3. Vintage inspired wedding dress, via 4. Modern Scottish warehouse wedding, via 5. DIY balloon wedding menus, via 6. Vernal Bloom by Georgia Young, via 7. The flowers in her hair, via 8. Desert wedding, via 9. That gown, that setting, via

Baby Bean


1. Vintage toy wagon, via 2. Ferm Living crush, via 3. Is it too early for the Bean to have his own advent calendar? via 4. The perfect shoes for the little one, via 5. In love with this map wall, via 6. Outfit for autumn, via 7. Commonfolk mini bear, via 8. Future playroom inspiration, via 9. Nursery inspiration, via



The weekend is here, even though every day feels like the weekend these days… Not going to work kinda sucks, but at the same time I am not willing to risk the shrimp turning into shrimp cocktail just because I am bad at being bored…

Here is some Saturday finds for you, this time around I’ve even created some categories as well… Enjoy!


We still have a lot of “to-do-lists” around the home, we are not close to calling this a finished project. We are getting closer, and now we have a baby deadline on it. We still have kitchen, office, guest bedroom and our hallway/storage space left to do… At least I have a lot of time to plan these days!


1. The ultimate kitchen inspiration!

2. Some inspiration for when we take on the fixing of the office

3. Since Christmas is closing in on us, how about this as a holiday table setting?

4. Ultimate bathroom inspiration…


I am trying to get into the whole baby mindset… I am getting there, no doubt about it… We are trying to figure out what we need to get, what we want to get and where to put it. Good thing there is a sea of great nursery and baby inspiration out there!


1. Black and white nursery inspiration… Charm a lot!

2. Ferm Living greatness right here!

3. This vintage brass bassinet! Amazeballs!

4. Loving these baby animal portraits


Since I am getting comfy at home these days, I am trying to get into the whole housewife mode… Or homemaker mode if you like. One of the things I want to get better at is trying out new recipes, so here are some recipes I’ve gathered for making…


1. Who doesn’t like a lovely grilled cheese when the cold hits? I am leaning towards this classic combination of mozzarella, tomato and pesto…

2. I’ve decided it’s time for me to create my first white pizza, I’ll keep this recipe as inspiration.

3. I am of course on the look out for some great mocktailsthis one sounds amazing!

4. Thinking the H would get pretty happy if he came home to this burger.


I am trying to get used to everything in the front growing these days, the main thing that needs to be fixed in the wardrobe department right now is dresses… I want tons of comfy dresses to wear for the next 5 months, I wouldn’t mind if some of them came in wool… I’m gonna be a winter house, need to keep warm. I have managed to figure out the coat situation though, right now I have a brand new wool coat (loving the oversize trend these days) and a sleek cape coat for nights out and dinner parties…


1. The Pod Ring by Lauren Passenti Jewelry, on the wishlist it goes!

2. The most amazing dress I’ve seen in ages, I have not been able to figure out where this amazeball is from, but if anyone knows – please do tell!

3. My tummy is rapidly growing, and realizing I am now a house I want dresses to room me and the shrimp… This pretty one, is something I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe right now!

4. I am craving these Nike WMNS Free Advantage sneakers, ASAP!

That’s my Saturday finds, hope you did enjoy them as much as I did!



Talking about moving forward, in the last couple of weeks I’ve gone from being a rental nomad to a home owner and my photography business is slowly starting to take shape (you can check out what’s been going on here). I have figured out that one of my favorite types of shoot is the family shoot. I find myself searching for more and more inspiration related to this, I am still a fan of the portraits and the weddings as well, but for some reason I’ve come across more people wanting family portraits. Kids are so open (at least after a bit of work) and they also opt for the most natural images ever.

Here is some of my family shoot inspiration.











unknown source

And here are some of my shots from a few of my latest family shoots:

all via

Off I go, I have a family shoot to attend!