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I have been hiding under my covers these last week couple of weeks, firstly because I am super pregnant, combine that with a massive cold and The Trump having his first week in office… Well there you have it,  a  classic cocktail for disaster. I just reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, the baby seems more comfortable inside than out, who could blame him? I have the hormone levels of a…. Well, I have the hormon levels of a woman 40 weeks pregnant with a cold that won’t go away…. Tears are a daily happening over here! To top it all off, I decided that this pregnancy around I would add some extra bedazzlement to my degree, so I just started my course in Public Law. I am hoping I will be able to look back at that decision with the mantra “good decision M, perfect timing to do a little bit more!”

In the midst of all this all I want to do is move! It’s the nester in me, nesting mode came a bit later this time around, which has saved me a lot of work to do in week 40… Maybe it’s a good thing this little one wants to stay in the warmth of my belly? We have prepared, as much as possible; he’s got babywear lined up, the new stroller is in-house, the bed is ready… But for some reason me wanting to move – and start a full on renovation project in the start of week 40, is really a thing! Good to know that I have been ripped of all sense of logic. Still I am out there, hunting for future home inspiration, and this amazing apartment up for grabs is the perfect inspiration these days… I am dreaming of a house, but there is so much greatness to take from this one. It is light, airy, modern and cozy – all mixed into one lovely space. Enjoy!

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I love the color choices in this space. The perfect combination of bright, white space with a touch of deep teal, deep blue and muted greens… Combined with vintage pieces, marble and woods – this is the perfect future home inspiration. Another detail I love is the Eljo Renova outlets and switches – future home crave… Enjoy!

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Today I’m sharing this charming and fairly quirky Swedish apartment with you. One of my personal favorites in this home is the round bedroom. It isn’t the biggest place out there, but there is something about the open plan living that makes it seem quite spacious anyways… This home has some great details, like the rounded walls – especially the rounded wall covered in exposed brickwork, the lovely wooden floors, the amount of daylight that makes it way into the home and the great mix between vintage and modern pieces…

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In the city of Göteborg one can find this beautiful home. We are talking simplistic Scandinavian bliss, so please do enjoy!

The living room is inviting and open. With a perfectly curated wall of art, string shelves from floor to ceiling and not to forget the amazing safari chair (get one here). The shelves do contain a lot of items I would love to fill my own shelves with, like the ape by Kay Bojesen and the wooden bird by Architect Made…

What’s there not to like about this bedroom? I love it all, from the white wooden floors, the paper ceiling lamp to the lovely reading nook in the corner.

The kitchen is absolutely going into my kitchen inspiration folder for our own kitchen makeover, my personal favorites is the Work Lamp by Hey There Hi, and of course the string shelfOther favorites from this space is the use of gold, combined with marble, fresh herbs and natural woods it brings a crisp freshness to the kitchen.

The hallway keeps it light and bright, with some pops of black, like that amazing black door…

I really feel a crave for those lovely mini subway tiles and the details from LA Bruket.

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Came across this beauty whilst roaming the internet for inspiration. This is a two bedroom apartment in the heart of the Swedish city Malmö, and I am feeling a crush coming on. This space feels so airy and bright, and at the same time it feels homely. I must say it has been staged perfectly for sale as well, you would walk in to this place and get a feeling you could just bring your suitcase and move right in, but at the same time it is open for changes… So you could also see yourself making it your own space in one, two, three. Oh and it does contain some modern design classics in the form of chairs, which I wouldn’t mind having around myself.

The living room is such a simplistic and clean space. I love the combination between modern and vintage, and not to forget the amazing ceiling lamp. That vintage storage piece is also the kind of thing one can only dream of coming across, I will store this in my mind for vintage hunting.

I love how simplistic this space is, still it is full of details. I love the candelabra on the dining table, if anyone knows where this beauty is from, please do tell! I am also favoring the combination of the heavy-set wooden table and the Panton chairs.

The kitchen is simplistic and clean like the rest of the apartment, with only a few items to break the white, like the marble backboard, the black lamps on the wall and some fresh fruits. I am of course especially in love with the breakfast nook with enough space for some guests, it also helps with the Wegner Y chairs around the table. Who wouldn’t love to have space enough for a breakfast area this size?

The bedroom keeps in the style of simple, maybe even a bit to simple for me, but I do adore that ceiling lamp though…

The pink and grey harlequin wallpaper fits perfectly for a girls room, and who doesn’t love that floor?

I love the tiles they’ve used in the bathroom, these subway tiles always seems to pull a bathroom together in my eyes. We are considering these for our own bathroom make-over, when the time comes. I also love the marble top on the wash, works so well with the white space, breaks everything up just a tiny bit.

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Today I want to share another beautiful Swedish home with you. I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and feed my inspiration lately, I have been running between viewings, work and photo work to pull all my loose ends together, especially the loose end of not having a place to live… Well we do have a place to live, for now, but finding a place to buy is starting to become a necessity… To be honest, this year, my vacation is going to be devoted to creating a new home for us – as easy as that.

Now, let’s get back to this Swedish home…

White wooden floors is always a winner to me – or generally wooden floors to be honest – any colour – any finish – I’ll take it!

Who can say no to linen sheets? I certainly can’t!

I absolutely adore this wallpaper – I think I will be more open to experimenting with wallpaper when we finally buy a place of our own – not having the fear of flipping up someone elses property.

Love the utilizing of space in this home – even though it is not a large space it can still give you a sence of spaciousness.

A balcony can be just enough space to create a mini garden space for your self.

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I’ll be back soon – have a promising viewing today – pretty excited!