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I have been hiding under my covers these last week couple of weeks, firstly because I am super pregnant, combine that with a massive cold and The Trump having his first week in office… Well there you have it,  a  classic cocktail for disaster. I just reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, the baby seems more comfortable inside than out, who could blame him? I have the hormone levels of a…. Well, I have the hormon levels of a woman 40 weeks pregnant with a cold that won’t go away…. Tears are a daily happening over here! To top it all off, I decided that this pregnancy around I would add some extra bedazzlement to my degree, so I just started my course in Public Law. I am hoping I will be able to look back at that decision with the mantra “good decision M, perfect timing to do a little bit more!”

In the midst of all this all I want to do is move! It’s the nester in me, nesting mode came a bit later this time around, which has saved me a lot of work to do in week 40… Maybe it’s a good thing this little one wants to stay in the warmth of my belly? We have prepared, as much as possible; he’s got babywear lined up, the new stroller is in-house, the bed is ready… But for some reason me wanting to move – and start a full on renovation project in the start of week 40, is really a thing! Good to know that I have been ripped of all sense of logic. Still I am out there, hunting for future home inspiration, and this amazing apartment up for grabs is the perfect inspiration these days… I am dreaming of a house, but there is so much greatness to take from this one. It is light, airy, modern and cozy – all mixed into one lovely space. Enjoy!

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First share of 2017! I’ve been spending the first weeks of this new year trying to slow everything down! We’ve gotten to week 38 of the pregnancy, so mini 2 can arrive any day now… So not much is happening around here in general, we are stocking up on necessities, this time around I want to have a hospital bag ready for when I go into labour, getting a stroller in the house that will end up fitting both the Bean and Mini 2 (we ended up with the Bugaboo Donkey Weekender – already over the moon with this one), and washing all the old and new baby wear for Mini 2. Still, in my hours of rest, I have found some time to get inspired, and here is some of the bounty. Enjoy!



1. Future home seating dreams, via 2. The knife rack, via 3. A lovely beach side home, via 4. Danish home, via 5. Current blanket dreams, via 6. The perfect vintage wardrobe, via 7. Black, white and wood – lush place to flush, via 8. Perfectly minimalistic dining space, via 9. Love the height of the kitchen cabinets, giving a bit more display space for bringing in some fresh greens or displaying some of your kitchen favorites… Not everything has to be hidden in the kitchen! via



1. Polka dot perfection, via 2. 2017 make-up trends, via 3. Yes please – need this set, via 4. Navy monochrome, via 5. The metallic skirt, via 6. Tome shirt dress, via 7. The perfect striped trousers, via 8. The Dries Van Noten velvet slip-on, via 9. Is pink the new black? via



1. Vegetarian Pho, via 2. Sweet potato noodles with fried chickpeas, via 3. Japanese inspired avocado toast, via 4. Winter chopped salad, via 5. Blush gimlet – for when I can enjoy a cocktail once again, via 6. Thai noodle salad, via 7. Grilled peach and sweet potato salad, via 8. Roasted cauliflower and kale soup, via 9. Lemony linguine with zucchini, via



1. Iceland wedding, bride in a green skirt, via 2. Pastel botanical bridal inspiration shoot, via 3. Sequined wedding gowns, via 4. The confetti moment, via 5. Destination wedding suite, via 6. The fringe wedding dress, via 7. The golden wedding cake, via 8. DIY desert wedding, via 9. Laura + David, via

Baby Bean 


1. Some wool for my winter babies, via 2. The swing situation, via 3. Wall hooks for mini spaces, via 4. Just got this stroller situation set up, ready to wander the streets with two little ones on board, via 5. Absolutely in love with this bedding situation, via 6. This moses basket situation, via 7. On the top of my to get list right now, the Done by Deer baby nest, via 8. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of this before Mini 2 arrives, via 9. Baby dinner ware, via



One of the things I have to get sorted when the new year hits is a decent workspace at home. I do spend a lot of time editing photos in the evenings, and in January I am starting an online course in Public Law. I have never tried the online study thing, but I have decided to add some sprinkles to my resume while I am having my maternity leave this time around. The course I am doing only runs for one semester, so hopefully I will find the time to do my studying when the Bean is in daycare. I´ve been spending some time hunting the internet for some ideas for my future workspace, and I have narrowed it down to a list of top five office trends/goods I want to try to incorporate into my own space.






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We are back from Copenhagen, and I am already feeling the withdrawal. Hope it wont be too long till we return. I´ll come back with photos and all the details at a later time. For now, we are just trying to get back to normal over here, 4 days of constant walking has taken its toll on the pregnant one… And 4 days of fun has taken its toll on The Bean and his daily rhythm. So while we are recuperating from our family trip, here is a Sunday Share to keep you going, enjoy!



1. Chair craving, via 2. Small home, great kitchen, via 3. Our next home needs to have a bath, and I wouldn’t mind those floor tiles as well, via 4. Bring on the velvet, via 5. Oh my, this workspace, via 6. The details, via 7. His and hers, via 8. Peg wall for the kitchen, via 9. Bedroom love, via



1. Mom jeans FTW, via 2. Leather loafers, via 3. The velvet jumpsuit, via 4. Grey and red, via 5. This Valentino dress, via 6. Coat color, via 7. Neutrals, via 8. Dream bag situation, via 9. One of each please, via



1. Pasta with basil pesto, peas and pine nuts, via 2. Orange glazed doughnuts with sugared rosemary, via 3. Shades of green, via 4. Charred cauliflower, via 5. Ginger cocktail, so making a non-alcoholic version of this, via 6. Creamy tahini and lemon asparagus soup, via 7. Butternut squash and goat cheese pasta, via 8. Savoury granola anyone, via 9. Sprouted brown rice pilaf with roasted grapes and fennel, via



1. Garden wedding, via 2. Modest wedding dress, via 3. The confetti moment, via 4. The ceremony space, via 5. Havana wedding inspiration, via 6. Black wedding inspiration, via 7. Intimate wedding in the Canadian mountains, via 8. Portland wedding jeweler, via 9. The minimalistic gown, via



1. DIY tree skirt alternative, via 2. Christmas table scape, via 3. Beautiful gift wrapping ideas, via 4. Ready to hang, via 5. Festive wrapping inspiration, via 6. DIY decorations, via 7. Simple Christmas tree display, via 8. Beautiful wreaths, via 9. Mini Christmas trees, via



As winter is coming closer I get this urge to fill our home with fresh flowers. I usually get my bum down to a floral shop, chose some lovely fresh-cut flowers in different shapes and colors, then create my own bouquet when I get back home. But lately we have been battling one day care cold after the other, and if it is not The Bean sneezing it is the pregnant lady – aka me! My immune system is taking more of a beating this time around. When I was baking The Bean I got more rest and had less germs entering my space on a daily basis. This has led to me simply picking up the odd bouquet of roses from the shop around the corner, my instagram holds the proof of this… Guess what, my fresh flower crave is growing at a crazy speed, so this week I am crossing my fingers I will feel fresh enough to pop by the florist! For now, here is some floral favorites of mine, enjoy!

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I came across this amazing space on one of my inspiration hunts, and it is giving me heaps of moving craves. There is so much inspiration one can pull out of this home, I don´t even know where to start! I love the bright feeling in the living room, with the white walls and light wooden floors. The choice to use a lot of natural textures like linen and wood, combined with a lot of fresh green.

The home seems like the perfect combination of crisp cosy home and a box of curiosities. The living room and bedroom seems is filled with light and eccentric decorations, whilst the bathroom seems like something taken out of a Moroccan hotel… Then there is the kitchen, fresh and up-lifting. Such a fun space!

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