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On the home front our current project at hand is creating The Bean a space of his own, and on the top of my to get list right now is the Ivar cabinet from Ikea. I want to use this as a combined toy/clothes storage for the little one. I have been in love with these cabinets for quite some time, but have never found a good space to add them to in our apartment. Since The Bean needs to have a crossover space, it needs to work as a bedroom space for him at night and a sort of extension of the living room in the day time. Basically as a play space for the small ones now that we are having two little critters that needs floor space for exploring. To be honest, I am also in dire need for storage for all of his toys! Just need them to have a place of their own, preferably behind closed doors. Seems like me and Ivar will have a great relationship!

I love the cabinet in its natural state, the lovely wood will work perfectly in just about every space, with any color. At the same time, I am pretty impressed by the creativity some people have put into their own cabinets. Creating murals, adding graphic patterns and bright colors. Maybe if I go off the deep end, we will be sporting something out of the ordinary here as well – most likely not. Simplicity is my friend! Enjoy some inspiration I have found along the way, as I go back to hunting for more ideas for the new baby space.

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The Bean is in need of his own space now, so we have decided to create a room for him asap! Our living/dining space used to contain a bedroom, this is before we bought the place, and now we want to reverse the old owners vision back to the original form. This will leave the Bean with a bedroom big enough for him and all his possessions. He will end up with quite a spacious room, and I have started working on the details (we´re talking colors, wallpaper, decor), whilst the H is working on the structural bit of it.

I want the room to have a black and white backdrop, with pops of color and maybe a great wallpaper to break it up, so of course I have been spending some time inspiration hunting. Here are some favorites I´ve gathered, enjoy!


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All I have to do right now is waiting for a wall to arrive… I´ll share some images as soon as we start working on his little dome of greatness.



I’ve had more than a few changes happening to me lately, at least for the last 8 months of my life, both physically and mentally. The physical changes are all quite normal, since I am growing a human being inside my body, so changes are bound to happen, but the changes in mentality is what has got me the most fascinated. One of the big changes is that some sort of organizing gene has hit me hard! I guess it could have something to do with the realization that my life will suddenly include a lot more stuff, like tiny trousers, diapers, cool miniature shoes and toys… And in my world these items all need somewhere to call home.

We have organized a lot of the baby stuff already, clothes have been organized by size, diapers are ready for the first week home… The bouncy chair, car seat and stroller are all stacked away downstairs, ready for the arrival of the mini. But right now I am hunting for some more visible storage ideas, for example for toys, books and other items that will be kept out of the dressers we’ve got around the house.

I am really linking the idea of paper bags as storage, makes for a great {and not to time-consuming} DIY project, or one could pick up one pre-painted and ready to go from a shop… Just need to figure out where I can get a hold of some paper bags around here, preferably looking like these ones via

Or maybe I should just order a few from Tellkiddolike this amazing bear one!

I am also feeling like a couple of these cork storage boxes could make for a great addition to the home, via.

Crate shelves are great for books and tiny toys on display, unknown source. We’ve got three crate shelves we’ve added to the wall of our nursery corner, since we don’t have a full on room for the baby bean at the moment… You can check some of the nesting photos here.

 These storage bins right here give me a circus feelvia

Love this shelf, some items on display, some hidden away… via

I say yes to display shelves, especially display shelves filled with wooden robots and storm troopers, unknown source

Both me and The H agrees, we need some of these Lego storage boxes for the baby bean, via

This built-in storage solution is brilliant, and I will try my best to keep it in mind till he gets his own room {and ages a bit}, via

Storage boxes with faces, why not? via

Bring some color to your space with these sacks, via

Basket love, via

Storage on wheels, via

Brilliant wall storage, I would place this by his changing station in the bathroom, to keep the bare necessities close and ready at all times… via