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The kitchen revamp is on… Last time I updated on this I told you I was lost on the whole counter top issue, but now we’ve finally decided. We’re going for wooden counter tops, or butcher block if you may. We ended up going with wood, mainly because we want to bring in a natural element to balance out the black and white theme going on. So now I’ve got huge wooden plates ready to go, at the moment they are taking up parts of our living room, can’t wait to see how it all turns out… I can see all the different elements of this kitchen separately, but when I am trying to put them all together in my mind I end up blank – so I’ll just have to wait and see… Too bad I’m one of the more impatient people I know! And this thing is not moving forward fast, baby takes up most of my time and work takes up most of H time.

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We’ve finally started working on our kitchen revamp… In the midst of baby time, taking on this kitchen revamp seems like the best and the worst idea we’ve had. I am not the most patient person, especially not when it comes to living without kitchen cabinets and decisions being made here and there. Also, after the Bean arrived I freak out when things get too messy, and right now we are living in a constant state of too messy…

We’ve taken down all the cabinet doors, we’ve started sanding everything that needs sanding, we’re getting tiles this weekend, the list goes on… There is a lot of juggling between baby and revamping ahead of us. To top it all of we have not yet decided on a counter top, a part of me wants to splurge on marble – let’s just say this is not the sensible part of me – the other part has already said no 54 times and has won the argument… My not so sensible part is still allowed to dream right?

I thought I’d share what we’ve decided on so far… Or at lest a few pieces the puzzle that is our kitchen revamp… And of course I will add some visual inspiration on each of them, since that’s the way I roll!

Butcher/Subway Tiles 

This was one of those no-brainer decisions, which is a blessing in our household. So it was more or less our starting point. You see, I am one of those people who can ponder a decision for hours, days, even weeks – going back and forth between choices, classic indecisiveness syndrome. It is one of my less charming traits, especially when we want to move forward with this revamp.

Light Grey Cabinets

We ended up buying our paint on impulse, great success… We have a love for grey kitchens, so when we came across a light grey paint with a slight undertone of minty green we just went for it. It is a new color so we can’t find any reference pictures for it anywhere (I love checking out photos of spaces using colors before deciding, just to get a sense of how it works in real life), so we are pretty excited to see the outcome… Crossing my fingers I’ll be happy at the end of it.

Our paint seems a bit lighter than any of these, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

A Black Wall

This may even end up as a chalkboard painted wall, I’m still a bit on the fence about this… But I do know that I want some sort of dark wall in the kitchen, to break up the lightness a bit… We’ve been discussing the chalkboard wall, it could be a fun addition to the space, especially for the Bean growing up… His own “graffiti” wall in the house.

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I’ll do my best to take some shots now and then when we go through the processes!



Came across this amazing apartment for sale on Stadshem and it made my home envy bone rattle. There is simply something about the simplicity of this place, keeping as much space as possible free of clutter, yet keeping enough of details around to make it homey and cozy. Grey wooden floors, accompanied by black, white and lovely metallic… This is basically one of my greatest home envy this far – perfectly modern and Scandinavian + a tad of industrial feel – SOLD! Oh and just wait for the most awesome kitchen you’ve seen for ages! This is absolutely going to be a great source of inspiration for our new home – I’m going to hang these images all over the house to get the H inspired as well…

Let’s start with the bedroom. First of all I love the display of greatness above the bed, the choice of mixing black, white and metallic. I am also a big fan of the built-in storage, seems like a great idea for a bedroom – keeping as much as possible of the natural space. The art as well – it’s right up my alley this one!

The livingroom sticks true to the whole feel of the home – bring on the monochromatic life! My favorites here must be the amazing collection of vintage birds on the wall – what a wonderful idea! And of course the String shelve is as gorgeous as always – so getting one for our new home.

This is my favorite spot in this awesome home – the most amazing black kitchen ever! I guess the perfection is brought to its full with those leather handles. I have that high on my to do list when we buy our new home – kitchen re-paint (maybe not in black) and bring on the leather handles!

I love the mixing of tiles in the bathroom – especially craving those black hexagon tiles I spot on the floor. Also the built-in storage is perfect for small spaces – no need to cramp up a place – keep it simple.

Add some raw wood to the mix… Like any good home cocktail!

Do I spot amazing tiles in the hallway – yes I do!

One, two, three – in the inspiration bank it goes!

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I’ve had a lovely weekend – trying out new dining places, seeing people I haven’t seen in way too long, drinking cocktails, sleeping in {does not happen on a regular basis}, getting brilliantly close to finishing my branding suite and playing with happy terriers – what more can one want? Well I guess I could add one of my interior mixes to it all – then I’ll call this a weekend to perfection. Bring on the visual aid!


Bedroom greatness viaWho wouldn’t like to wake up like this?

This is from a studio – but common – I really want to display flowers like that at home. Might just have to try this one out! via

For the love of great colour combos, via.

If I had an industrial loft – this would be my bathroom! via

Why not turn your empty energy drink into a single flower vase? via

Those tiles, via

The perfect breakfast corner – via

That lamp + the rest of the lot! via

That speck of light… via

That kitchen! via

Good luck and good night!



I am back to dreaming of creating a home just the way I want it. And today I am roaming through kitchen inspiration. So this is some of my inspiration for my future kitchen in my future dream fixer-upper-home. 

There is a lot I find inspiring by this space – mainly the floor and those amazing windows… Windows like that and a lovely patio space to enjoy my meals when weather allows me is one of my interior dreams. And that pop of bright red on the pipe – is another level of interior shamazing! via

One of my kitchen wishes is space! Space enough to keep my hobby of looking for great dinnerware and lovely vintage cups going strong and also space enough to share the kitchen with other people. As I get older I truly start believing that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and I want a kitchen spacious enough to cook with my friends, family and loved ones. And I wouldn’t mind a chalkboard wall in my kitchen, like the one in the background, for notes, art and recipes. via

This kitchen is to me absolute perfection. Obviously it is white and grey with lovely wood floors – but I have fallen in love with the combination of different tiles. I absolutely adore the fishbone tiles – I wouldn’t mind them in my future kitchen – but then again; who would? via

I adore the raw wood in this space – which fits so well with the colour of the tiles and the driftwood shelving. I must say I find this space quite charming, and it seems like it would fit a crowd! 


And we’re back on the tiles! The polygon tiles. I am absolutely head over heels for these tiles, being the tile lover that I am this might not come as great shock. And that pendant light – anyone know where I can get one of those? via

The breakfast bench in this place is absolutely gorgeous. I love the worn down leather combined with the lovely pattern of the cushion. The wood is gorgeous as well. via

The glass divide in this home is lovely. I have always had an idea of recycling some lovely industrial windows in my dream space, and as a well in my kitchen wouldn’t be the worst idea. Combine it with a door and you can separate the kitchen from the rest of the home without losing the feeling of space. via

Another great use of glass in a kitchen, making a mini inside garden behind glass walls. I would love this in my own home – wouldn’t know where to start though… via

This kitchen is absolutely lovely, it just feels inviting and cozy. I love the greens, who doesn’t love a bit of fresh florals in a space? And that window right above the kitchen sink would definitely make doing the dishes more of a lovely experience. Looking out on the life outside – day dreaming. via

I am as usual falling for the exposed brick – but this kitchen also is swoonable because it gives a great feel of space. Perfect city kitchen! via

Yes – the concrete is something to fall in love with – I know I am falling for it. . . But my main thing in this image is the pig! How cute is that piece of piglet art? I would probably have issues cooking pork, still – amazing. via

The whimsical in me is swooning over this one. Pops of colour, pops of typography, pops of Eames – and on the top of it all – that table! That table is proof of how imperfection creates perfection. via

One of my great wishes for a great spacious kitchen is a perfectly tiny and perfectly cozy breakfast corner! This one right here seems pretty perfect. There is something romantic about having a tiny corner space for enjoying the start of the day…  via

The combination of marble and colours in this space is brilliant. The cutlery in the glass vase is pretty perfect – would love have a vase of pretty cutlery in my own kitchen. via

I used to be opposed to wallpapers – but my opinion has changes – and I am time after time finding inspiration in homes filled with wallpaper. And now I am getting excited by wallpaper in any shape and any form – especially in the form as kitchen decor. I would love a great wallpaper wall in my future kitchen… 


I know I often bring up industrial greatness on this blog. But common! This industrial open space kitchen is pure greatness… Look at that dining table – and I do adore that lovely tiny neon sign action going on in the background. via

I’ve always wanted loads of open shelves in my dream kitchen. And I have totally fallen for these great shelves from Ikea – so the price is nice as well… I have this image in my head that if I have open shelves in my kitchen not only can I display all my lovely finds, but at the same time it will make me more organized… via

Adore this mini wash it nook – but mostly – those tiles! via

 Why not get inspired by a coffee shop? That pop of yellow isn’t wrong! via

Again – this is all about the great display storage… I think I might be a person who would start the planning of a kitchen from the storage… All the other stuff will come along in its own time. via


That’s it for today! There will be more kitchen at a later time – and I will probably be running through every room of my future dream fixer-upper-home.




Summer is as good as over – at least my summer holiday – and all I want to do is refresh everything around me. Especially my home! We have a room to do over in the future – we are still working on what to do about it though – maybe a home office is the thing we need to do? I’ve always had a bit of a home office dream – but we will see! I have gathered up some refreshing refresh inspiration to get my interior juices flowing. . .

I wouldn’t go all the way like this – but this image is absolutely amazing though – or what? How opulent and rich is this – I am in love with the chair and the colour of the wall – and maybe even that plush bag!  via

This is a more likely refresh for me – a round mirror – I even have one in mind. Will get back to that when it makes its way into our home. I am also interested in knowing who that amazing piece of art in the back is by! Anyone know? via

How about refreshment through a ombre treatment on our walls – and how about letting it match the colour of the chairs! Ps. this may just be the coolest language school ever! via

The monochromatic trend is still going strong – so how about turning our white window frames black? I am not opposed to that idea – gorgeous! via

Bring some new art pieces into our home! Like some of the awesome pieces hanging around this livingroom… via

I am always on the look out for a great display cabinet… And this looks pretty awesome! via

Or how about going crazy pink? Pink walls and ceilings – maybe not! But I must admit there is more than just one thing I am loving in this space. I adore the sofa, even though it is not my choice of colour, I love the combination of the pink with the amazing green in the art – and then there is that amazing pendant lamp and the wooden floors! Not much to complain about… unknown source

I am in love with this beautiful piece from IKEA of all places – and I want it for my hallway – but I can’t seem to find it! I need it – so I hope it shows up here asap! My hallway really needs a refreshment – and this will be the perfect piece… via

Don’t get too excited about this one – we are not turning the other room into a nursery – we are not having a child… But the thing is, this nursery has the perfect colour pallet! And I could incorporate a lot of the details of this nursery into our very much grown up home, no problem! via

Now this is the easiest one to me – I have pledged something to myself – that is bringing more fresh flowers into my home! Wouldn’t mind if they looked like this… via

And when all the home refreshment is done – this is what I’m gonna do – lay down and sleep awkwardly like a cat – knowing I am just as awesome as this cat! via

That’s it for now – hope you’ve enjoyed it!



Here we go, another one of my ceiling treatment posts. If you’ve missed out on the former posts you could check them out here and here. This time it is all about the painted ceilings. Most people keep their ceiling white – but then there are the few kooky ones who take a leap of faith and paint their ceiling in the most amazing colours…

Here is a collection of beautiful painted ceilings – to inspire and evoke paint desire!

Pinned Image

This dark lavender/mauve color combined with the turquoise ceiling is crazy – but absolutely gorgeous. And how about the heater that is painted in the same colour as the wall. via

Pinned Image

Here you have another great colour combination, once more a turquoise ceiling, but this time combined with a more subtle colour grey. Beautiful. via

Pinned Image

Or how about going red combined with a white room? via

Pinned Image

This is great gor a kitchen, white tiles, concrete walls combined with a brilliantly yellow ceiling. via

Pinned Image

Another room filled with different pops of colour, different shades of green on the doors combined with a light split tone wall and a brilliantly blue ceiling. This is once again too over the top for me to try out – but I can esthetically appreciate it – without a doubt! via

Pinned Image

Here is a combination of white with lovely wooden floors – then to top it all off you’ve got a muted blue ceiling – making its way down the walls… Think I might be in love. via

Pinned Image

Love the light rusty-red they have chosen for the ceiling in this room… I want a dress in that colour haha. via

To end it all – one for all of those who want a black ceiling above them… I am not one of them – but I can appreciate the esthetics of it all! via