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We are back from Copenhagen, and I am already feeling the withdrawal. Hope it wont be too long till we return. I´ll come back with photos and all the details at a later time. For now, we are just trying to get back to normal over here, 4 days of constant walking has taken its toll on the pregnant one… And 4 days of fun has taken its toll on The Bean and his daily rhythm. So while we are recuperating from our family trip, here is a Sunday Share to keep you going, enjoy!



1. Chair craving, via 2. Small home, great kitchen, via 3. Our next home needs to have a bath, and I wouldn’t mind those floor tiles as well, via 4. Bring on the velvet, via 5. Oh my, this workspace, via 6. The details, via 7. His and hers, via 8. Peg wall for the kitchen, via 9. Bedroom love, via



1. Mom jeans FTW, via 2. Leather loafers, via 3. The velvet jumpsuit, via 4. Grey and red, via 5. This Valentino dress, via 6. Coat color, via 7. Neutrals, via 8. Dream bag situation, via 9. One of each please, via



1. Pasta with basil pesto, peas and pine nuts, via 2. Orange glazed doughnuts with sugared rosemary, via 3. Shades of green, via 4. Charred cauliflower, via 5. Ginger cocktail, so making a non-alcoholic version of this, via 6. Creamy tahini and lemon asparagus soup, via 7. Butternut squash and goat cheese pasta, via 8. Savoury granola anyone, via 9. Sprouted brown rice pilaf with roasted grapes and fennel, via



1. Garden wedding, via 2. Modest wedding dress, via 3. The confetti moment, via 4. The ceremony space, via 5. Havana wedding inspiration, via 6. Black wedding inspiration, via 7. Intimate wedding in the Canadian mountains, via 8. Portland wedding jeweler, via 9. The minimalistic gown, via



1. DIY tree skirt alternative, via 2. Christmas table scape, via 3. Beautiful gift wrapping ideas, via 4. Ready to hang, via 5. Festive wrapping inspiration, via 6. DIY decorations, via 7. Simple Christmas tree display, via 8. Beautiful wreaths, via 9. Mini Christmas trees, via




My birthday is coming up, and the H just surprised me with a trip for the three of us to Copenhagen. I could not be more happy, seems like the perfect time to escape for a long weekend of great food, endless wandering (that will be pregnant waddling for me) and some down time with the Bean before he becomes a big brother.

There´s so much I want to do, like check out the Botanical Gardens, walk through the neighborhoods of Nørrebro & Vesterbro, eat till the point of no return in Papirøen & Kødbyen, bring home some great vintage pieces for our home and my wardrobe… If anyone has any great Copenhagen tips for us, please bring it on!

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Here comes another quick collection of favorites from the last couple of weeks. This weekend has been spent with family, roaming around the city, letting the Bean run wild at the aquarium, at the museum and everywhere in between. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, enjoy the inspiration rant!



1. The peacock chair, via 2. Two toned hallway, via 3. How about a wall of firewood for autumn? via 4. The black and white kitchen dream, via 5. I want that chair, via 6. The photographer´s home, via 7. Kitchen details, via 8. Grid bedding, yes please, via 9. Bedroom organization, via



1. Beige FTW, via 2. In love with this look, suspenders girl, via 3. The details, via 4. The colors, via 5. The leather skirt, via 6. The bag, via 7. The knitted skirt, via 8. Stockholm fashion week, via 9. Loafer dreams, via



1. Chashu pork steamed bao, via 2. Morning glory loaf, via 3. Passionfruit and blueberry cream tart, via 4. Charred kale and farro salad, via 5. Saison steamed mussels with fennel, saffron and preserved lemon, via 6. Coconut green soup with celery, kale and ginger, via 7. Watermelon, radish and cucumber salad, via 8. Matcha spaghetti with chilli and cheese, via 9. Kohlrabi, cabbage and apple slaw, via



1. Gorgeous french wedding, via 2. This Las Vegas wedding, via 3. Table setting greatness, via 4. Emerald wedding inspiration, via 5. Truvelle 2017 bridal collection, via 6. Mini cacti wedding favors, via 7. The back of this dress, via 8. Six colored but subtle wedding dresses, via 9. DIY hanging floral decorations, via


Baby Bean 


1. Zara mini, via 2. The teddy collection, via 3. Nursery prints, via 4. Perfect Halloween costume? via 5. My all time favorite, Rylee and Cru, via 6. The nursery shelf, via 7. On my current wish list, macrame nap place for baby, via 8. Toy storage crave, via 9. The perfect little reading nook, via



I have had the longest hiatus! A lot of things have been going on over here, and I have simply not found the energy nor time to sit down and focus. I am finally feeling like things are starting to get back to a sort of normal… So I’ve decided to pick it up again, with a slow start – by sharing some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately… Good food, London, snuggles with the pup, playtime with the Bean and everything in between!



Time seems to be moving a tad bit faster now that we are sharing our time with the Bean, so I haven’t put anything up here for ages! Most of my time has been used to wander the streets of our city looking for things for the kitchen and for the life with Bean, trying to organize our home even though it is a general mess because of the kitchen revamp and dreaming of our future travels. This summer has been nothing but cold weather and rain, we had two days with insane heat, then back to the cold. We’ve always agreed that even though we are residents of Europe, we haven’t seen enough of what Europe has to offer, so we’ve made lists over where we would love to go and what we would love to see. Right now Spain is at the top of our list, we’d love to take a round trip including Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao as our main stays.

Here are some images I’ve gathered to get me inspired to go to Madrid, enjoy!

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